Love Is Blind Cast: Who Are They Dating Now?

Is Love Still In The Air? Updates on The Love Is Blind Cast and their love lives. 

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Posted On: August 18th, 2020 5:34 pm pst

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After the finale of Love Is Blind aired, many viewers wondered what the next step for the couples would be. Would any of them get back together? Would the newlyweds stay married? When would the singles give love another try? If you’ve had any of these questions, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes it gets a little difficult keeping up with celebrities when they’re not being filmed. Here’s an update on all of the cast mates’ dating life. 

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed 

We would find it very hard to believe if Cameron and Lauren weren’t one of your favorite couples on the show. Despite admitting that they never thought they’d leave the show married, the pair is still going strong. Since finishing Love is Blind, Cameron and Lauren have gained a huge following across social media. They keep the content rolling with funny TikToks, weekly YouTube videos, and beautiful pictures on Instagram. In a recent live stream, they announced that we can expect them on another show soon. It has nothing to do with finding love in two separate rooms but instead a fun game show. Lots of fans have asked the couple when they plan on starting a family of their own. They revealed that they have discussed with each other but are focused on raising their dog Sparx for now. 

Amber Pike and Mathew Barnett 

This energetic couple is also still holding on. After Barnett chipped his tooth at their wedding reception, it was no secret that their marriage would be full of adventure and laughter. Shortly after they finished filming, the couple spent a year traveling the world. During their time abroad, they refrained from posting pictures but since the show has aired, they have shared some of their favorite memories from the trip. The two recently went on vacation in Antigua and took time to reflect on their lives from the past year. When they aren’t planning an adventure, the two can be found playing Pokémon-or dressing as Pokémon.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

After their explosive wedding ceremony, a lot of fans thought they’d never see Giannina and Damian together again. When filming the reunion special, the two revealed they were giving their relationship another chance. The two are living separately but spend a lot of time together since they live in walking distance. The two are hanging in there and constantly finding new ways to better their relationship. They recently took a beach trip to Key West with Gibelli’s new dog, Georgia Peach. 

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Mark Cuevas 

Mark Cuevas was half of one of the most talked about relationships on the show. After things didn’t work out with Jessica Batten, who never let us forget she was ten years older than him, Cuevas explored some of his options. For a brief period, he was dating cast mate Lauren “LC” Chamblin but the two decided to go their separate ways after a Reddit incident revealed they weren’t on the same page. Now, Mark Cuevas is in a new relationship and revealed to ET that he isthe happiest [he has] been in a really long time and [is] genuinely thankful.” He featured his new girlfriend on his YouTube channel and showed footage of how they are continuing to have fun in quarantine. 

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Jessica Batten 

If there was a villain of Love Is Blind, Jessica Batten would probably come to mind. During the reunion, she explained that the show was a very tough time for her and watching it all play out on television was even harder. She apologized to both Mark and Amber during filming and flew under the radar shortly after. In a podcast with Bachelor’s Kaitlyn Vine, she talked about the new relationship she was in and expressed that being in quarantine with him felt similar to her time in the pods. Shortly after her interview, she posted her new boo and said she “couldn’t wait to share some of [their] adventures.” 

Diamond Jack 

Diamond Jack also didn’t have the most pleasant time on the show. Though she arrived in Mexico as a fiancé, she left a single woman. Her heated argument with ex-fiancé Carlton Morton had fans jumping to her defense. After the show aired, Jack and Morton had a rocky friendship that resulted in Jack taking legal action. Until recently, Jack was taking a break from dating but decided to give love another try. She took her search to a new show called Faraway Bae hosted by The Circle winner Joey Sasso. On the new dating show, Jack interviewed hopeful singles to find her perfect match. Find out who she picked by downloading the TVCO app. 

Carlton Morton 

Carlton Morton definitely had a rocky journey during the taping on Love Is Blind. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it work with Diamond Jack but is still open to love. During a recent trip to Las Vegas, fans speculated that he was romantically involved with someone. He took to Instagram to clear the air and announced he is single and trying to enjoy his life. Though he hasn’t found his perfect match yet, the star told fans on a live stream that he is ready to be someone’s husband.

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Kelly Chase 

Although it wasn’t explosive, Kelly’s split from Kenny Barnes was shocking. After the show, she expressed she learned a lot from the process and has applied them to her current dating life. Chase is still single but revealed to ET that she is dating and is interested in getting to know them more before taking it any further. 

Kenny Barnes 

Kenny Barnes did not walk away from the show married but was able to find love elsewhere. Shortly after he wrapped the show, Kenny went on a few dates and made sure to use everything he learned from the pods. One of those dates worked in his favor and he entered a serious and public relationship. The two have shown their love across their social media pages and enjoyed traveling pre-COVID. The couple are still going strong and finding ways to cure their thirst for adventure while remaining safe. 

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