Love and Hip Hop’s Micky Munday Talks Crazy Vs. Genius

Written by: Rachel Goodman – December 5th, 2019 9:32pm PT

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According to Micky Munday, there’s one difference between being crazy versus being a genius: you’re either successful or you’re not.

Munday, who’s a cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, believes in going after your vision regardless of the negative naysayers holding you back. He’s a firm supporter of people following their dreams until others basically have to support you because you won’t give up pursuing your goals. 

Munday guested on AfterBuzz TV’s Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood after show and spoke from the heart, instilling viewers with his sage words.

“It’s fun to do the impossible,” Munday said. “People that are small minded, they are never believe you when you tell them about big dreams. Cause it’s unrealistic to them, they can’t grasp it.”

After growing up in South Central, California, Munday got his start in the business as a rapper. He appeared as a contestant on NBC’s 2003 show Fame, the BET web series 8 Days a Week, and eventually landed on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood during season six.

According to All Hip Hop magazine, there’s way more to Munday than meets the eye. On top of being an artist, he’s also a father, entrepreneur, businessman, and a family man. But perhaps most importantly, he considers himself someone of the people, and it seems like he wouldn’t have it any other way.

His genuine demeanor with AfterBuzz hosts speaks to this nature, especially the way he calmly took a breath and spoke his mind during the course of the discussion.

“You just gotta put it into action man, don’t worry about like people, they’re gonna say what they wanna say,” Munday added during his talk with AfterBuzz. “I have big dreams, big dreams. I want you to laugh when I tell you what I wanna do. I want it to seem outrageous.”

Host Rikayah Crawford added on to Munday’s point by saying, “I mean just like, like that saying that says, ‘stop asking the blind to proofread your vision. Just go ahead and go for it and do it.”

The conversation with Munday ended with AfterBuzz hosts asking him about his future plans. Munday discussed not especially wanting to go after a record deal, but he mentioned he’s supposed to have a meeting with a producer in the business in December. 

“You gotta go to somebody with leverage,” Munday said about his future. “And not with your hand out. You have to show what you’re doing already.”

When asked who he’d like to collaborate with, Munday stressed that collaborating with someone from a business standpoint was the first thing that came to mind. He mentioned wishing to work with Drake simply for the fact this would be a sure way to make it in the business. However, he also added that for sentimental reasons he’d love a collaboration with either Eminem or Jay-Z who he listened to while growing up.

The discussion ended with Munday and the hosts reminding viewers of one of the most important things. Negativity attracts negativity—and positivity attracts positivity.

Munday, who has a very wise head on his shoulders, is certain to land in the most positive of places.

To catch more, be sure to listen to the entire AfterBuzz TV interview with Munday. You can also catch his updates on Instagram here to follow his career.

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