Love After Lockup’s Michael Simmons Has a New Lady!

Written by: Breanna Chianne – January 15th, 2020 7:48am PT

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Love After Lockup’s Michael Simmons has apparently moved on to a new lady and we’ve got pictures to prove it!

Forehead’s got a new misses and they seem to really be in love, which I struggle saying with a straight face.

Michael’s public train wreck of relationship played out for the world to scrutinize. You’d think it’d be enough to ward off from getting involved with the ex-con but you’d be surprised.

During this week’s episode, we found out Forehead’s (Michael’s nickname) been getting money from women since he’s been out of jail. Almost $1,200 in a month if you want to get specific.

Beside financial assistance, he also seems to be thriving romantically seeing as he has a new lady in his life. His alleged new victim, I mean love interest’s, name is Maria.

The couple was photo enjoying a day out wear matching sneakers and t-shirts. His said “Her Dick” and hers said “His Bad Bitch.” Classy.

So does that mean it’s a wrap for him and Mistress Megan? Absolutely.

A lot of people have already speculated they were only together to boost their careers. We already know Michael is a rapper, but Megan recently shared in an IG Live chat with BFF B, that she has a new single on the way.

Of course, she saved face and claimed they ended because Michael couldn’t keep his peen to himself. Are you shocked?!

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