Love After Lockup’s Marcelino Claps Back at Brittany’s Haters

Written by: Alexis Brown – January 6th, 2020 4:12pm PT

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Marcellino has had enough of the negative social media comments and is now clapping back.

If you’ve been keeping up with recent episodes of Life After Lockup, you’re probably familiar with Brittany Santiago’s complicated relationship with her mother.

She recently admitted that her mother was an alcoholic and abandoned her as a kid, but despite their troubled past, the two are currently in the process of repairing their relationship.

Some fans had negative opinions about the two reconciling… and it looks like Brittany’s husband Marcellino Santiago has had enough. 

Credit: Instagram @brittany.loveafterlockup

On Wednesday, Marcellino took to Brittany’s Instagram live to address the ‘hater’s’ comments. “To me I consider the negative comments really immature only because, as adults you have to resolve issues from the past in order for you to move forward and I see a lot of negative criticism about Brittany trying to do that,” he said.

Marcellino added, “We appreciate the positive responses and laugh at the haters… as if I give a fuck about ya’ll. Y’all haters are ignorant and really don’t get the bigger picture.”

Credit: WE tv, Love After Lockup

It seems like we’ll get to see a lot on Brittany and her mom rekindling their relationship on this season of Life After Lockup, but regardless of the outcome, we know Marcellino has Brittany’s back through it all. 

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