Love After Lockup’s Andrea Reveals Shocking Secret on Instagram

Written by: Breanna Chianne – January 8th, 2020 6:34am PT

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Andrea Edwards revealed a shocking truth on the season premiere of Life After Lockup and she stands behind her decision with a surprising Instagram post. 

The newest episode of Life After Lockup came at us hard and fast as every couple hit some sort of major high or serious low in only the first episode of the season. But one storyline that got us shook was about my personal fave couple, Andrea and Lamar Jackson. 

We last left off with Lamar storming out of their Utah home going back to California without his wife. Deciding to live separately has been a hard adjustment for the couple, but nothing was harder than watching Andrea pull a huge skeleton out of her innocent Mormon closet. 

After revealing to her friends that her 5-year-old daughter, Priscilla, was conceived in a jail while playing bump bump with Lamar while he was locked up, fans couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves. Especially the fact that Mormons are strictly not surprised to have sex before marriage.

That resulted in the reality star making a PSA on Instagram. A baby photo of sweet Priscilla read, “No regrets! Babygirl Priscilla is our everything! Thank you [Lamar] for being so brave and bold…I’m wearing this proudly because look at what I got out of it!”

Also within her comments a fan made a mention of taking a picture with the LALU couple in LA last week. Does this mean they’re working things out?? We hope so! But to be honest, who else would put up with Andrea and her antics?

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