Living With Yourself Cast Jokes About Awkward Sex Scenes on Set

Written by: Rachel Goodman – October 20th, 2019 11:24pm PT

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There’s sex and then there’s really bad sex. According to Aisling Bea, however, bad sex doesn’t always equate to actually being bad. At least, not when it comes to sex scenes on screen

Bea, who’s starring in Netflix’s latest show Living With Yourself, spoke to AfterBuzz TV during the red carpet premier discussing her favorite moment on set playing opposite co-star Paul Rudd in a bad sex scene.

“Normally sex scenes are really awful to do, but there’s one we’re doing which is a bad sex scene,” Bea joked, “and there’s something about doing bad sex that’s really funny because all of us as actors and everything are all trying to look like we’re good at it. We’re doing good. But in this we’re trying to do it bad. There’s something really funny about that, that we all really enjoyed.”

Living With Yourself stars Paul Rudd playing two different versions of the same character. The show focuses on a guy who gets split into two after a mysterious operation, and he winds up facing off against the better version of himself. While the new and improved version attempts to take over his life, the original guy plunges into battle to take what’s rightfully his.

Beyond the intensity of the premise itself, what also speaks volumes is the genuine chemistry and high regard the cast shared with one another and spoke of during the red carpet. 

“You know it’s, it’s such a nice thing when you work with people whose company you enjoy,” Rudd told to AfterBuzz TV when asked about his favorite moment on set. “It was a very challenging uh shoot because there was a lot to do technically, and the days were long. You know, just forming friendships is always the, kinda the best thing.”

The show, which opens with Rudd’s character awakening in his own grave, seems to promise the delivery of three things. An entertaining—albeit sometimes dark—ride as well as a stellar ensemble cast supporting creator Tim Greenberg’s fascinating premise. Oh, and of course, funny bad sex.

For more, be sure to catch Living With Yourself now available on Netflix.

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