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Live streamers on the rise who are changing the landscape of Twitch and bringing new ideas into the space including Dr. Alok Kanojia, Devin Nash, Hutch, and more.

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Posted On: July 20th, 2020 1:05 pm pst

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Live Streaming is one of the newest and most exciting online entertainment mediums. While it began with, and is often associated with gamers and E-sports, it has begun to grow into a multi-faceted medium that allows for viewers to engage with personalities they know on a personal level that has not been seen before. 

Psychiatrist Dr. Alok Kanojia was a college kid who nearly failed out of college due to his gaming habits. After graduating with a 2.5 GPA, he went on to fix his poor habits and eventually began his psychiatric residency at Harvard Medical School.

While he attended, he realized that the professional world of mental health has almost no knowledge of video game addiction or what the true experience of gamers really is. In an effort to appeal to gamers and online dwellers alike, he started HealthyGamerGG which is a service that strives to support gamers in dealing with problems in their own language.

Dr. K talks with viewers as well as other streamers on his livestream about their problems. While these sessions are no substitute for professional, therapeutic help, they serve to aid the individual talking to Dr. K as well as appeal to viewers who are suffering through similar issues. 

“So what do you do when a champion falls? You pick up, you fight! You don’t give up. And if we fight, if we do better, we can win this war.”

Dr. K on the recent passing of popular Twitch streamer, Byron “Reckful” Bernstein.

Some of the topics Dr. K has covered in his most popular streams have been depression, laziness, and stress. These sessions are documented on both his Twitch and Youtube channel so that viewers can go back and rewatch their conversations. There is little doubt that this exposure to constructive discourse around mental health is benefitting the streaming world.

Yes! Chess streaming is a thing! Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura is currently the most watched Chess streamer on Twitch. Just last year, Hikaru peaked at four thousand viewers and sixty thousand followers on Twitch. Since then, he has amassed four-hundred and seventy one thousand followers and peaked at forty-five thousand viewers. His rise in the streaming world was no coincidence. 

He was the harbinger of the rise of the Chess category on Twitch. Hikaru is one of the best chess players in the world and the Chess community on Twitch was rather small before his entrance. His ascent to popularity has catalyzed the Chess category and now, because of him, many other popular streamers are streaming Chess. 

“Shoutout to the big streamers who’ve discovered chess. Some do it once or twice, some every single stream. Some are casual visitors to our game, some are becoming obsessed.”

Hikaru on Twitter in reference to his recent uptick in streamers playing chess.

One of the ways he has promoted the game he loves is through a streamer chess tournament titled, Pogchamps. This event pitted well known streamers against each other in a 16 player tournament where they fought for the $50,000 prize pool.

The streamers received coaching from chess players and the tournament was a massive success in terms of viewership and increasing the appeal of Chess to your everyday Twitch viewer. 

Devin Nash, former CEO of Counter Logic Gaming (one of the world’s leading E-sports organizations), is a Twitch streamer and gaming industry consultant. He focuses on pulling the veil back for viewers to learn more about the business of streaming and E-sports. His most popular Youtube video is titled, “How Much MONEY Top 1% Twitch Streamers Earn.” 

“Streamers make way more money than they’d like you to think they do.”

Devin Nash on the income of live streamers and many of his Youtube videos are clips pulled from his Twitch streams where he aims to teach and inspire his viewers regarding the industry of content creation, E-sports and streaming. While providing this educational content for his viewers, he also creates content that is more lighthearted such as, “Why Everyone Hates the Rise of Skywalker,” or live streamed Dungeons and Dragons games he plays with his friends. 

More chess streamers! Alexandra and Andrea Botez are sisters who stream chess and have become quite popular in the Twitch community. Alexandra, the older sister, was the first female president of the Stanford University Chess Club. The two have seen a massive rise in popularity since Hikaru acted as the forerunner for the Chess category on Twitch, having now amassed over two-hundred and ninety-six thousand followers with a peak of thirty-six thousand viewers. 

Alexandra has stated that she streams, “For the love of the game,” and this passion for chess can be seen in the free lessons she gives to other streamers in an effort to get more streamers and viewers alike playing chess. Alexandra was one of the coaches as well as a commentator who participated in Hikaru’s Twitch chess tournament, Pogchamps.

“To all of you just getting interested in chess, welcome. There’s no bad time to learn the game. It’ll help you out in ways that extend beyond the board. “

Twitch streamer Hutch tweeting out in support of chess following a lesson with Alexandra Botez.Anita is a Twitch streamer from the UK who streams, for the most part, in the Just Chatting section. Anita has Tourette’s Syndrome and often discusses mental health on her streams. When she’s not in the Just Chatting section, you can find Anita playing a variety of games while continuing to discuss important topics such as anxiety and mental health. She interacts with her viewers frequently and her discussions are angled to be open and welcoming to returning and new viewers alike.

“I think what you do is awesome and you’re educating people on tourettes and mental health and we’re completely behind you, Anita. ”

Dr. K talking to Anita during one of his livestreams. In May of this year, she had a discussion with Dr. K in which they discussed her relationship with her family, self-love, and Twitch as a platform to advocate for mental health. 

Live streaming is a fun new way to experience entertainment that allows for you as the viewer to interact with the streamer. The rise of popular streams that do not center exclusively around gaming content is a relatively recent phenomenon. This new wave of genres in streams has opened the door for many new viewers to immerse themselves in the streaming world!

So are people making a living at this? Like most online content businesses, being a successful streamer is all about putting in the hours, building an audience and driving sufficient active user engagement to make consistent income.

Twitch allows viewers to subscribe or donate to streamers they like and admire, so if you are enjoying a particular streamer’s content, you can show your support through a monthly subscription or a one time donation. At the high end, as evidenced by the recent bidding wars for streamers like Ninja to choose one streaming platform over another, this is becoming a star driven business, not unlike major league sports. 

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