Lisa Vanderpump Makes Clear It’s Her Show On Vanderpump Rules Finale

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 comes to a dramatic end, Tom Sandoval & Jax Taylor take friendship break and Lisa Vanderpump declares that it is her show

Zach Weinberg

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Posted On: May 20th, 2020 8:00pm pst

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This crazy, dramatic, and revealing season of Vanderpump Rules came to an end last night on Bravo. This really was the finale that wrapped up all the storylines that have been going between the 37 cast members, so let’s get into it. First of all, it was a good finale. It left us with a lot of questions in regards to where some of these friendships stand now; so I am definitely looking forward to the reunion in two weeks. The season has been really long and there has been so much to follow that there was so much to wrap up for this finale. It was an extremely fast paced final episode but, there was no shortage of confrontations. 

For starters, Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval have been at odds all season. They have been “best friends” for 20 years but during last night’s episode they decided they needed to take a “break” from friendship. Jax and Tom have been feuding all season because Jax felt Tom wasn’t being a good friend in regards to supporting him and his wedding. I feel like this fight was basically Jax fighting with himself all season and using Tom as a scapegoat. We sometimes tend to take things out on those closest to us in life, so it only makes sense that Jax used Tom as his punching bag for the season because god forbid he takes accountability for his own actions. Either way the two are not friends today, and Tom’s girlfriend Ariana Madix also had some choice words to say to Jax during the finale after he has been bashing her and her house all season. Ariana basically told Jax he didn’t know what he was talking about and to keep her name out of his mouth. He might have agreed to do that to her face, but didn’t hold back on twitter all season… 

Stassi Schroder, Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute have been known as the three best friends and the “Witches of Weho” for years. However after last night’s finale, Stassi has declared that “the witches of weho are done-zo”. Stassi and Katie gave up on a friendship with Kristen months ago after they felt she was just being dishonest with them in regards to her relationship with now ex, Carter. During this season Kristen was the only one who was still fighting for the witches of weho, but after last night’s episode, Kristen seemed to be over it. I feel like they have made it very clear to Kristen that they don’t want to be friends with her anymore after not inviting her to many events throughout the season. Kristen is just at the point where she doesn’t care to put effort into this friendship, if Stassi and Katie aren’t going to. Seeing them face off at the reunion will hopefully give the two parties a chance to get closure. I personally think the friendship is too damaged to fix, but I do believe they can make amends and be on better terms and I wish them all the luck; especially for Kristen who has had a really rough season. 

The love triangle between the newbies Dayna, Max and Brett has been dragging all season and we finally saw it come to an end last night. Max and Brett made up after fighting over Dayna and they seem to be on good terms now, while Dayna and Max are not. During a heated discussion on the season finale last night Max made it clear to Dayna that he hired her at TomTom so she should know her place; while Dayna wasn’t having any of it. Dayna is honestly as sassy as they come and I respect her for that. I can’t wait to see her speak her mind at the reunion and I have no doubt she’ll deliver. The other major storyline on the finale in regards to the newbies was the explosive fight between Danica who is known as “the suspended manager” and Karrah who is a cocktail waitress at Lisa’s restaurant in Vegas. I feel like it’s fair to say they both just wanted camera time on last night’s episode and were willing to do just about anything to get it. Karrah was very drunk clearly, interrupting a conversation between Stassi and Ariana and Danica saw it from a far and didn’t like it. Danica ended up getting kicked out of TomTom by Lisa, which made Max (the gm at TomTom) very happy since he has been trying to ban Danica season. 

After all of that craziness, it gets even crazier during the last few minutes of the finale. The fourth wall was broken when Lisa and Jax were having a heated argument about the friendships and the season and I think it’s safe to say they did not know they were being filmed! Especially because this resulted in them having a disagreement on whose “show” this is… Jax was saying it was his, and Lisa quickly and aggressively corrected him. To be fair the show is called Vanderpump Rules, so Lisa has a point, but, like, Stassi is clearly the star of this show, so they both need to take a seat. 

What did you guys think of the season finale? What are you guys most looking forward to seeing at the reunion? The reunion airs in two weeks on June 2nd, followed by a secrets revealed episode next Tuesday night, only on our favorite channel.. Bravo! 

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