Season 1 Episodes 3-5 ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Review & Recap

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In its first run, The L Word broke new ground for LGBT representation on TV. Now, Showtime is bringing the series back for a new generation with even greater representation than its predecessor. Join us for THE AFTERBUZZ TV THE L WORD: GENERATION Q AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we break down the reboot of the iconic drama series that follows an ensemble cast of friends living in Silver Lake.

Episode Recap

Episode 3, Lost Love. Alice has soccer star, Megan Rapinoe on her talk show to talk about equal pay in sports. Shane buys a bar and turns it into the only lesbian bar in L.A. Bette sleeps with Felicity Adams and risks her campaign.
Episode 4, LA Times. Dani has a talk with Bette and Felicity about putting an end to their affair. Shane turns 40 and we meet her wife, Quiara for the first time. Alice, Nat, and Gigi have a threesome after drinking too much at Shane’s party.
Episode 5, Labels. Quiara tells Shane she is pregnant, but doesn’t expect her to raise the baby. Alice, Gigi, and Nat discuss the future of their new relationship. Dani fights with her father over the prenuptial agreement and Sophie is frustrated that Dani will not open up to her. Bette ends things with Felicity and Jose drops the L bomb!
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