Will & Grace’s Leslie Jordan Dishes on Quarantine Sex Tips & Lizzo Love

Written by: Ebone Chatman – April 25th, 2020 7:12pm pst


How Y’all Doin? 

As we all sit in the house thinking about what we are going to eat, what show to watch on Netflix or Hulu, what to order online or maybe picking up a new hobby like cooking or shopping… we obviously aren’t alone with not knowing what to do with ourselves. 

Welcome back to another ABTV Quarantine With The Stars session. As we adjust to our new normal, it’s great to know that we have some of our favorite celebrities feeling the same way we are.  

While you probably have been losing track of how many days you have been in the house, don’t worry because one celebrity has been counting every hour we have been in the house. That’s none other than our favorite Leslie Jordan of Hearts Afire and Will & Grace, who has made a video almost everyday we have been in lock-down. 

He has made a total of 67 videos updating us on what he has been up to while he is stuck in the house on the #StayHome order. 

Leslie has been giving us updates on acient Chinese medicine, giving rules for sex during quarantine, practicing meditation, and showing off some rapping skills. Looks like when Leslie gets out of quarantine he will have a new trade so get ready for his EP. 

Now, when quarantine first started, we were all excited to be able to be home and if we were lucky we could work from home and catch up on all the shows we had been missing out on. 

That was fun for the first week, but the days continued to get longer and longer. Can anyone tell us how many days were in March? Because it felt like the longest month of our lives and it seems that  Leslie felt the same.

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Torture. #march #forever #teenagetantrum

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How many of us have been working out? Nope, me either! But food has become our best friend while we listen to music and watch TV. Well, Leslie can relate as he sits on the couch singing a rendition of Lizzo’s song Good as Hell”, joking about his water breaking because of all the food he has eaten *insert crying laughing emoji 

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My Exercise Regime. #sia #lizzo #bigbelly #haulass

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Leslie is truly a ray of sunshine when we see his videos pop up on the timeline. Our only quarantine wish is for Leslie to keep posting because he is helping us get through this uncertain time with all his love and laughter. 

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