Legacies Creator, Writer Say Kai Parker Return Inevitable

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7/19/19 5:02PM

EXCLUSIVE – We might finally see a Kai Parker return in Legacies!

The cast and crew of Legacies talked with AfterBuzz TV at San Diego Comic-Con and said they’re ecstatic about Parker’s possible return, which one writer even said was “inevitable.”

Malachi “Kai” Parker, played by Chris Wood, was a major antagonist in The Vampire Diaries, on which Legacies is based.

“We’re coming for you, Chris Wood. Get ready,” said Legacies Creator Julie Plec, when talking with AfterBuzz TV’s Drew Jones.

Writer Brett Matthew added, ““It’s inevitable, Chris Wood. Like, we know where you live.”

When informed of Plec’s comments, Legacies’ star Kaylee Bryant was overjoyed.

“You don’t understand. I’ve literally been dropping hints about Kai Parker since, like, I got cast. I was like, oh, so like, just so you know, like, my favorite character is Kai Parker. Like, just so you know. Like, if you know, if you care about me at all,” said Bryant.

When Bryant read the script for the Season 1 finale and saw they pulled out the Ascendant, which allows for travel between dimensions, she immediately thought of Kai Parker.

“I looked at Brett Matthews, one of our writers, and I was like, ‘are we doing this? Are we doing this?’ He’s like, ‘I’m not saying anything.’ I was like you’re only not saying anything to me because he knows I’m so insane about Kai Parker,” said Bryant.

The network hasn’t yet confirmed a Kai Parker return, so we’ll wait on the edge of our seats for Season 2, which premieres Thursday, October 10th.