Lee Daniels Is Set To Produce The Wonder Years Reboot

Lee Daniels is set to produce The Wonder Years reboot with all black cast taking place in 1960’s Montgomery, Alabama. Another addition will be writer Saladin K. Patterson & Danica McKellar who starred in the original series, gives us her thoughts on the highly anticipated reboot. 

James Maple

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July 13th, 2020 10:56pm pst

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AfterbuzzTV TV Series Reboot: The Wonder Years

If you are anything like us, you have fond memories of gathering around the television set with your family as a kid. For those of us who were lucky enough to have siblings, there was always an argument, normally over what to actually watch. Now in retrospect, there were very rarely disputes over certain shows. The Wonder Years was one of those shows. 

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Get ready to relive those moments of family togetherness, socially distanced if you have to, because The Wonder Years is being completely rebooted on ABC. This time though, the new cast is going to offer us a ‘coming of age story’ during the 1960s of a black family in Montgomery, Alabama. Arguably, the epicenter of the civil rights movement.

No longer will we be following the progression of young Kevin Arnold played by Fred Savage. Sadly, we have not been given details regarding the cast, we do however, have other details on this 2021 reboot. In a statement by ABC the show was described as a coming of age comedy taking place.

 “In the turbulent late 1960’s, the same era as the original series, we made sure it was The Wonder Years for them too.”

We do know a few other details regarding the reboot. We know for sure the show’s co-creator Neal Marlens will be back as a consultant. Also, the show’s original star, Savage will be back as a director. The big news, however, is the reboot’s executive producer. The show will be produced by Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels. Given the positive impact Daniels has made on the black community and American cinema, we couldn’t have envisioned a better choice.

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Another amazing addition to the reboot of this American classic will be writer Saladin K. Patterson. Best known for his producing, writing and television credits, many fans will recognize his comedic stylings as writer of shows like Big Bang Theory, Frasier and Psych. He is also known for his role as executive producer of FX’s comedy Dave. Patterson will also offer some first hand insight as he is from Montgomery, Alabama. He happens to have also grown up during the time in which The Wonder Years reboot is taking place as well. Patterson is sure to keep this 30 minute comedy light and educational as it tackles heavy topics of race and discrimination as he tells not just Black history, but American history.

The original show’s young lead actress Danica McKellar, who played Kevin’s love interest Winnie Cooper, even chimed in on Daniel’s reboot. In an interview with Yahoo News McKellar gives us insight on how she found out about the new ABC project and her thoughts on it being recast with a black family.

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“Fred actually emailed me to tell me about this, about this reboot with a black cast. Lee Daniels from “Empire” is showrunning. Fred’s going to direct. I think it’s an amazing idea.”

McKellar continues. 

“One of the things that we did not deal with on The Wonder Years so much is the idea of race and what it was like to be Black in America in the 1960s. And now they’re going to have an opportunity to handle this straight on, head on. So I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they create. Fred’s very talented as a director. Lee Daniels, obviously super talented. I’m sure they’re going to create an amazing cast, an amazing story, both honoring our show as it was originally and also doing justice to the struggles of Black America in the 1960s.”

We couldn’t agree with McKellar more. Given the current circumstances here across America, the topic of race is within the public lexicon. What better way to have this discussion than by reliving and reimagining some very close to us all. Family. 

While we, as mentioned, have no idea on who the cast will be. It does not hurt to speculate. We would love to see the lead actor be either Miles Brown of Blackish or Quvenzhane Wallis who played Annie in the 2014 adaption. The reboot of The Wonder Years is set to air on ABC very soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The goal, per sources, is for the new Wonder Years to be developed for the 2021-22 television season.” We cannot wait!

Are you all as excited for The Wonder Years Reboot as we are? Did you watch the original series? It’s still available on HULU by the way. What are some topics you hope Lee Daniel’s tackles in this reboot? Who should play the lead? What other nostalgic shows should be rebooted? Let me know your thoughts on this and more @JamesMapleActor. For the latest Hollywood news on your favorite shows and celebrities, stay tuned to Afterbuzz TV.

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