Lauren Chamblin (LC) thinks Love Is Blind Is Better Than The Bachelor

LC, 1/4th of the Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, Jessica Batten love square, believes Netflix’s Love Is Blind is better than ABC’s The Bachelor

Akilah Ffriend

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Posted On: May 22nd, 2020 11:00 am pst

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ABTV Loves Love is Blind: Lauren Chamblin

ABTV Loves Love Is Blind

On Afterbuzz TV’s Love Is Blind Lately, host Akilah Ffriend interviewed Lauren Chamblin (better known as LC) on her experience in the global phenomenon that is Love Is Blind and- you guessed it!- what LC is up to lately. 

LC, cast member best remembered for her love triangle in the pods, shared that she found out about the show from a friend who, in turn, told a Love Is Blind casting director about her based on knowing LC’s interest in joining The Bachelor

“I kind of got into it almost because of The Bachelor, I feel like…they had their open call for The Bachelor down the street from me. I was really trying to get one of my friends to come with me, like really pressuring her. She [the friend] knew that I was interested, I guess, in going on a reality dating show kind of thing”

So it was perhaps a full-circle moment for LC to realize that the show she intended to be on was lacking in comparison to the whirlwind of a series Love Is Blind came to be. During one of the first days of filming, LC recalls Love Is Blind producers saying, “We want this to rival The Bachelor”.  LC now says, “Honestly, it’s better than The Bachelor. People love the show”

Now wait a minute. Before Bachelor Nation has an outcry, let’s break down exactly what “better” may mean. When chatting about the concept of Love Is Blind LC says, 

“I like that we’re all from Atlanta. Because, like I said, I watch The Bachelor and I feel like on that, I feel like a lot of the times it doesn’t work out on The Bachelor because they’re so far away. It’s like who’s going to move?…How insane would that have been like I live in Georgia and you live in Colorado and we’re married now?”

Location has a ton to do with why pairing couples up in their own respective cities may be the tipping point for putting Love Is Blind over The Bachelor. Plus LC shared that she still talks to a lot of the women from the pods on a weekly basis. I’m not sure if many bachelor contestants do that!

Ultimately, though, both Love Is Blind and The Bachelor are dating shows about the journey to finding “the one”. The real world’s approach to modern day dating, aka swiping right and a sea of small talk, could be demoralizing. LC said, “I just want to speed it up honestly, it’s so nice how they did it on the show. I know it sounds crazy, but honestly it was so great. Like okay, we’re here.  we know what we’re looking for. Let’s figure it out.” And that is easily why these reality based dating shows are successful- everyone approaches the journey with a clear purpose and a want to pursue love. 

However, don’t be fooled. Love Is Blind vs The Bachelor barely scratched the surface of all that we discussed! For the full rundown of Akilah Ffriend’s interview with LC, including LC’s take on why Barnett was a hot commodity, exclusive behind the scenes tea, and her approach to dating since the show, click here for the full interview or find it on the Love Is Blind section of Letting you in on a little secret here, LC is loving life, and she is better than ever! 

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