Laura Marano On Fan Response To New Music Plus Austin & Ally Zoom Reunion!

Actress and singer Laura Marano sends love to her fans in support of singles “Can’t Hold On Forever” and “When You Wake Up”, sends love to The Perfect Date co-stars Noah Centineo and Camila Mendes, and shares how she’s working hard on new music in quarantine!

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Posted On: May 28th, 2020 12:16pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Laura Marano 

If you don’t know Laura Marano from her incredible work in shows and movies like Austin & Ally, and The Perfect Date, what have you been doing with your life?!

Laura has had an illustrious acting career thus far and while she’s still working hard on that front, she’s also killing it with her new music as well. Laura joined AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars to talk all about her favorite roles, how she started in acting, and gushed over all the love she’s getting for her new smash hit, “Can’t Hold On Forever”.

The “When You Wake Up” singer had her breakout role on Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, but the beginning of her acting journey really came out of nowhere. Laura noted that it was actually her sister who wanted to be an actress first! It turns out that they were initially signed by the same agent and their careers both took off.

When she landed Austin & Ally, Laura amassed a huge following of loyal fans and was so grateful for the platform that Disney had given her. She was also grateful for the amazing cast she shared the screen with and mentioned that they all are quite close, so she was so excited to be able to reunite with them recently over Zoom.

“Afterwards, we just all FaceTimed together and had like a two-hour conversation just catching up even more and talking about life.”

In addition to gaining her loving fanbase from Disney Channel, Laura also grew fans from her role as Celia on Netflix’s The Perfect Date. Laura shared how much fun that role was for her and how much she loved working alongside co-star Noah Centineo.

“We truly had such an amazing time, all of us, Cami, Odiseas, Noah. We really had like these insanely long talks in our hotel rooms. Our schedule was so crazy…so we literally would spend some nights talking all night in the hotel room to kind of prepare for the next filming night that we were gonna do. So it was such a special experience and yeah, he’s super funny, he’s super goofy, and he’s super thoughtful.”

Shooting The Perfect Date kept Laura extremely busy, but she’s finding that these days she’s just as busy working from home in quarantine. Laura is hard at work on her music, but is also taking time to look introspectively and acknowledge when it’s time to turn off work mode and turn on relaxation mode.

Since she’s been working so hard, she was able to release two new singles titled “When You Wake Up” and “Can’t Hold On Forever”, which fans have been OBSESSED with. Marano noted that the inspiration behind these songs are kind of on the same “sonic vibe”, but are also telling two different stories. 

“‘When You Wake Up’ is about focusing on a stable future without the person that’s kind of dragging them down and not changing, and ‘Can’t Hold On Forever’ is about not caring about the future and just wanting to be in the moment with this person no matter what happens.”

“Can’t Hold On Forever” also holds a special place in Laura’s heart as she wrote it with her now-boyfriend Thomas Macken.

The singer also holds her fans near and dear to her heart and she wanted to shout them out and let them know just how much they mean to her. She thanked them for their incredible response to her new music.

“There are no words truly to describe how much my fans mean to me and how much their reaction, and what they think, and what their opinion is, how much it means to me. To know that they’re loving ‘Can’t Hold On Forever’, they’re loving ‘When You Wake Up’, for me, it’s my #1. It makes me so beyond happy, I love them so much.”

To fans of Laura, we’re sure you’re already following her, but just in case, you can catch her on all social platforms @lauramarano. You can also stream all of Laura’s music like “When You Wake Up” and “Can’t Hold On Forever” on most streaming platforms. Also, if you want to see how else Laura is keeping busy during quarantine, be sure to catch her full interview for AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars.

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