Kyle Sleeps With Summer Moments After Kola Break Up! – ‘Young and the Restless’ Review & Recap

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Episode Recap

Kyle and Lola have called it quits! And a few scenes later, Summer and Kyle ended up in the sheets. Theo’s been consoling Lola during the break, despite Jack’s warning for him to stay far away.

On the other side of Genoa City, Sharon experiences a traumatic dream where everyone leaves her, showcasing her anxiety over what breast cancer could do to her and her family. She also had a visitation from Cassie. Eventually, Sharon realized Cassie’s true intention for returning: helping Sharon understand the importance of keeping her family close and not pushing them away.

Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria have also called it quits, and Billy seems to be getting awfully close to Amanda. Especially after Amanda’s ex, Ripley, showed up in Amanda’s hotel room unexpectedly.

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