Kraig Dane Talks Unforgettable Series ‘The Underground Railroad’

Kraig Dane stars in the new hit limited series ‘The Underground Railroad.’ Hear what he had to say about shooting the historical project and what it was like to work with director Barry Jenkins 

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Posted On: June 2nd, 2021 1:43 pm pst

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If you’re looking for a television series that’s breaking boundaries, then look no further! Amazon Prime’s The Underground Railroad goes there with an in depth look at the struggles black people faced to escape slavery.

The fictional limited series is directed by Barry Jenkins, and based on the novel by Colson Whitehead, where the Underground Railroad is reimagined as a literal railroad.

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Kraig Dane who plays “Boseman,” a slave catcher who works for Ridgeway (played by Joel Edgerton), talked with Benny Adams on what it was like getting into his character, and why this series has a huge impact on today’s society.

“Getting into the emotional aspect was actually very easy, because of who I got to play with,” said Dane. Thuso Mbedu, who plays Cora, you look into her eyes and she’s already there, and you can’t help but fall into the scene with her. She made it so easy. It was easy to play with the cast because of all the circumstances they put together to make it a safe place to play.”

Oscar winning director, Barry Jenkins, the mastermind behind some of the biggest films, brought to life The Underground Railroad. Dane said working with Jenkins was a huge milestone.

“That is by far the highlight of my career thus far,” said Dane.“That guy is otherworldly in his directing. It just brings a smile and a joy to working with him. Whenever anything was going on, I would try to be in earshot of him so I could just listen and observe everything that he was doing for this show.”

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The limited series has received nothing but praise since its debut, something that Dane couldn’t be happier about.

“I think you have to look at the situation we’re in as a society. It’s touching on many different levels on what’s going on in America, and it’s heartbreaking. This just puts a different eye on everything, especially coming from Barry Jenkins who has one of the greatest eyes. He knows how to tell a story and get a certain perspective out there into the world.”

The series shows a beautiful, yet real image of what it was like in the 19th century for black men and women. After watching the series Dane wants viewers to walk away with a new viewpoint of other cultures.

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“I want people to have a new perspective and a new idea. I think everyone should explore other countries and other cultures. Let it in and let it actually affect you. Let it show you a different side to another culture that maybe you didn’t realize.”

You can watch the entire interview with Craig Dane below, as well as catch him on an episode of Leverage Redemption when it premieres on July 9th on IMDB TV.

The Underground Railroad is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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