Kobe 5 Protro Bruce Lee & Old Teammate Visits Bryant Family

Vanessa Bryant gets first look at Nike’s Kobe 5 protro “Bruce Lee” rerelease along with A new colorway and Pau Gasol visits the Bryant family

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Posted On: July 19th, 2020 5:54pm pst

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It is no secret Kobe Bryant was more than a basketball player. During his career, he branched out and developed books, shoes, investment firms, and even friendships. His ability to find success in multiple avenues is admirable and his deals continue to live on today. 

Credit: Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram

 While basketball may seem like an easy game to follow, there are so many things that allow for a good game. One of these things is the shoes the players wear on the court. With his mastered technique in the arena, Kobe Bryant has had numerous shoe deals throughout his career. After his original deal with Adidas, he ventured out and completed a deal with Nike. 

In 2010, they released the Kobe 5 Protro “Bruce Lee.” The original colorway was inspired by the bodysuit Lee wore in Game of Death and includes yellow, silver, black, and red slash and Bryant signature details. Nike recently announced the rerelease of the popular shoe. Fans are in for a special treat, as Nike added more news to the announcement. In addition to the rerelease, there will be a new colorway launched with it called Kobe 5 Protro “Alternate Bruce Lee.” The new design includes a white, black, and red design. 

Credit: Vanessa Bryant’s

As fans wait for the release date, the Mambacita herself received her fresh pairs. Recently, Vanessa Bryant posted the new kicks on her Instagram story, but the shoes aren’t the only things that have brought a smile to her face. Earlier this month, long term family friend and Kobe Bryant’s teammate Pau Gasol visited the family. In addition to her heartwarming pictures of her daughters and their “uncle Pau,” Vanessa included a nice message. “Happy 40th birthday uncle Pau!” she said. “We [love] you. Love, The Bryant Girls. I know Kobe would say, “Happy 40th birthday Pablo! Love you, Hermano.”” 

Credit: Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram

 In addition to Vanessa Bryant sending love to close friends, she shared an old gift from her late husband. We have heard time and time again that Kobe was a romantic man. Every so often, Vanessa shares some of his sweet gestures during their relationship. In an Instagram post, she shared a picture of a dress worn by Sara Jessica Parker in Sex and The City. With a side by side of the dress in her possession and on the screen, she mentioned that she was “taken back with emotion” when she found it. “When Mr. Big comes and gets Carrie back. Paris. “Missing my boo-boo and my sweet girl. So nice to have found this dress today. You set the bar so high baby. No love like REAL LOVE” she said. 

Credit: Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram

We love seeing the Bryant family smiling and spreading positivity. If you love The Bryants, like we do at AfterBuzz TV, then follow along every week for the newest updates as we remember the life of Kobe Bryant and stay up to date with Vanessa, Natalia, Capri and Bianka Bryant. 

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