Kim Kardashian Launches a New Collection and Kanye West Becomes 3D

Kanye West Gets turned Into masterpiece, Kim Kardashian becomes photographer and Chrissy Teigen gives us cravings 

Eboné Chatman

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Posted On: May 19th, 2020 8:36 pm pst

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The weeks continue to roll by, but that’s not stopping the Kardashian hustle as Kim took to instagram to promote her new Summer Mesh” collection of SKIMS. Kim is not letting not having all the smoke and mirrors of a photoshoot stop her, as she shot the entire photoshoot herself with a photobooth app on her computer. Kim is serving body and looks for days in her 5 signature colors. This new collection will be available in sizes XXS -4X on Thursday May 21st at 9am PT/ 12pmET. 

Kim showed some love to Joan of Art, a pop culture curator, artist and fashion designer who has painted every celebrity you can think of, including Kanye. Kim highlighted this artist by reposting the art work on her insta story.  This artist paints celebrities like Beyonce, Drake, Kobe, MJ etc… and then makes an outfit out of real fabric for 3D effect. Super talented. 

Since you have been in the house have you been craving anything? Are your cravings out of control? Well maybe Chrissy Teigen can help you out.  Chrissy is promoting her new cookbook Cravings and Cravings cookware line and sent all  the Kardashians PR boxes filled with goodies. 

A cookbook, fresh herbs, pots, pans, a baking sheet, cutting board, chefs knife and the best part WINE! All topped off with a sweet note 

Credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram

What have you been cooking since you have been in the house? Leave your comments below. 

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