Kevin Bigley On Acting In the Real Virtual World of Greg Daniels’ Upload

Upload’s Kevin Bigley on working with Greg Daniels & Robbie Amell in Amazon Prime’s virtual afterlife series, and almost working with Larry Wilmore.

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Posted On: May 7th, 2020 5:34pm pst

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ABTV Loves Upload : Kevin Bigley

Amazon Prime’s newest hit monitors Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), an app developer that has been ‘uploaded’ into a virtual afterlife following a fatal accident. Upload, the latest series from Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Rec, King of the Hill), is heady, a little macabre, and has a healthy dose of mystery. But first and foremost, it is a comedy. Kevin Bigley (Undone, Bojack Horseman, Sirens) plays Luke Crossley, the guy who keeps the show grounded in comedy and keeps Nathan grounded in reality, however virtual it may be. Turns out, the latter doesn’t come as naturally for Bigley.

Upload not only takes place in a digital hereafter, but an equally fantastic sci-fi future. Both concepts demand heavy special effects, and most conversations happen across the two different worlds. It’s common for characters to be talking to a video chat, a voice in their head, or in Bigley’s case, a giant floating head in the sky. He spoke with AfterBuzz about acting opposite someone he hardly ever gets to see on set:

“This show is so crazy to shoot ’cause there’s just so many times where you’re acting with someone and you’re like ‘I guess they’re not here?’”

Or even worse, an internet pop-up ad that’ll be added later:

“There’s nothing there. [Luke]’s working them away and then they’re like ‘oh, you just ran through an ad.’ Then you’re like ‘okay, can you guys tell me where the imaginary stuff is.’”

Special effects practices like that are commonplace in filmmaking, as are taping actors separately for a scene, but the quicker pace of television can intensify this. Behind the scenes of Upload, it’s even more of a challenge for cast and crew. Between the massive set, green screen, the uncanny premise, balancing every genre, and performing with kids, dogs, and oftentimes no one, Bigley “ran the gauntlet” as an actor but did so remarkably. Just the same, he remarked on how well the cast and crew does as a team:

“I loved my castmates and everyone did a good job (with the band analogy) playing their instrument. No bass player demanded a solo. Everybody’s kinda like, yeah, we have to make the music of the show here.”

He went on to highlight specific cast members he admired, even if he wasn’t always able to perform with them. Still, there was one in particular he would have liked to work with:

“I didn’t know Larry Wilmore was gonna be in this damn show too! I missed Larry Wilmore day! … I looked in the script and they just called him Larry, and I was like, ‘well I wonder who that is.’ Then I saw on the call sheet the previous day, Larry Wilmore came in. I was like ‘Dammit! I was gonna come in!’”

Upload is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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