Kesha’s Top Fashion Moments

Our favorite old school looks that Kesha wore back in 2010 on the red carpet in honor of her Rainbow Collection. 

Drew Ascione

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Posted On:July 29th, 2020 2:31 pm pst

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The pop star, songwriter, 2010 music ICON…..

There are not enough words or titles that Kesha holds that can portray all her greatness, so we are dedicating a weekly article to honor this icon. This week we are covering Kesha’s Rainbow Collection!

This collection is a flashback to 2009 and features some of Kesha’s most memorable costume pieces, red carpet outfits, and fashion show-stoppers that true fans won’t forget. The Rainbow Collection is more than just remembering a time before masks and distance. The Rainbow Collection is also a sign of allyship with all of the proceeds going to Black Lives Matter and MusiCares COVID-19 relief fund. 

To honor this Queen’s activism, here are some old school fave “lewks” available for purchase on ebay with new looks available every Wednesday, along with looks we still haven’t forgotten: 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

2010 Red Carpet Looks

Kesha did not disappoint anyone with any of her red carpet looks that year. From the 1920s inspired mini black embroidered dress to the eye-catching layered fringe golden mini dress. She was flawless every time and her big hair with chunky sparkly accessories combination defined a generation of young tweens.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The TikTok Look

Before the app, there was the original bad girl song that made all of us want to throw some glitter into our outfits. Kesha was the original trend-setter of wearing fishnets under booty shorts that defined the next set of party girls. The heavy bold eye was a fierce statement and one Kesha recreated recently on Tik Tok. So don’t forget the next time you are going out to pay homage to the party queen with some glitter and an animal attitude.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Her Pride Look

Kesha performed at LA Pride in 2015, while on her “Warrior” tour and she walked on stage in a rainbow glitter covered leotard with a layered rainbow cape that left all of her fans screaming. The rainbow look was the perfect outfit for pride in 2015 and is now an unforgotten look that is the manifestation of the Rainbow Collection that features every color, outfit, and accessory from this fierce women’s career. 

The Rainbow Collection is a part of the #wearewhowearewednesday and is all about projecting acceptance through fashion. Kesha’s new collection for charity is a reminder to continue to be unapologetically who you are through kindness and love. This collection also serves to remind all her followers of the greater and ongoing conversation and fight for the Black Lives Matter movement. Be sure to check out her store on ebay and instagram every Wednesday to see the new pieces for sale and travel back in time to 2010. 


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