Kentuckily-Ever-After – S8 E10 ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap & Review

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7 seasons in and the Vanderpumps are as amazing as well! Sip all the tea with us on THE AFTERBUZZ TV VANDERPUMP RULES AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we break down each episode every week with insight and special guest appearances from the cast! Join us with your thoughts in the live chat on youtube and subscribe and comment here to stay up to date on all things Vanderpump!

Episode Recap

This week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules kicks off at Brittany’s pre-wedding event in Kentucky! While Brittany is celebrating with a murder mystery, Jax chooses to skip this one out to reflect and spend some alone time, reflecting on his father’s death. It’s important for Jax to keep the memory of his father alive during his wedding festivities. The Witches of WeHo are no longer, and they decide to keep their distance from Kristen because of the whole Carter situation. Back in LA, Dayna finds out that Max has been cheating on her and ultimately confronts him. She decides to end things with him after their talk.

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