Kendrick Sampson Struck by Rubber Bullets, and Other Celebs Protesting for BLM and George Floyd Murder

Celebrities Jamie Foxx, Nick Cannon, and Kendrick Sampson lay down their stardom to be frontline advocates in the fight of justice for George Floyd, and Steve Madden donates 100,000 dollars to Black Lives Matter movement. 

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Posted On: June 3rd, 2020 6:16 pm pst

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Enough is enough! The people of American demand justice for the death of George Floyd. A war cry has begun in our nation and so many have used their platforms to declare that a change be made today. From Minnesota, Atlanta, and Chicago to Los Angeles, protesters came together in what seemed to be a peaceful assembly that soon turned violent. History has truly repeated it’s cycle. 

Now an alliance has been formed and the world is showing its true colors. Many celebrities have put down their stardom to become frontline advocates. Just to name a few, Nick Cannon, Jamie Fox, and Kendrick Sampson all stood together in different cities to demand justice for George Floyd, and join the fight to end police brutality. 

Kendrick Sampson’s bravery led to a bloodshed hit from a local Los Angeles officer who struck him for peacefully protesting.  

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Before you swipe – If you’re squeamish – warning – these are SOME my wounds up close. The most obvious are from rubber bullets. They look gross but I was blessed to be shot directly from close range and not have much worse, ive posted some in my stories. These things HURT and are DANGEROUS. The dude was aiming for folks HEADS. Rubber bullets have killed folks and can cause permanent damage, brain damage, concussions etc. Swipe further to see some of the officers. I can see some of their names but their badge numbers were on the back of their helmets. Purposeful. ONE OF them removed his name. Others obscured theirs. I need the names and badge numbers. DM them and any other proof to @alwaysbewright Let’s do this. And together let’s end this legacy of slave catching and #DefundPolice #DefendBlackLife (check out @mvmnt4blklives nationwide campaign for US ✊🏽)

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Jamie Fox joined forces with George Floyd’s family to offer support, and he asked his friends of other races to empathize with Black Americans. 

Jamie Foxx: ExBulletin

Nick Cannon stood next to protestors in Minnesota holding signs and wearing a shirt that said “Please I Can’t Breathe” to express his anguish over George Floyd’s death. How long will the world have to make noise until the voices of black lives matter are heard?

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Steven Madden also made a powerful address. He stated that “ America will never reach its potential until we deal with this festering wound.” He also gave the Black Lives Matter organization one hundred thousand dollars to fight for racial justice. 

The fight for a change has just begun. This devastating problem that our justice system has denied can no longer be blinded or pushed aside. The fact is that if there is no justice there will be no peace. 

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