Kelly Clarkson’s Advice That Helped Jake Hoot Win The Voice

Written by: Neema Skye – January 2nd, 2020 2:46pm PT

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Jake Hoot is sharing the one piece of advice Kelly Clarkson gave him that gave him the confidence to win NBC’s The Voice. 

The Voice Season 17 winner talked with AfterBuzz TV about the competition and how he turned the corner.

THE VOICE — “Blind Auditions” Episode 1703 — Pictured: Jake Hoot — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Although the pressure was on, Hoot stayed focused on the one voice that would help him turn his fear into opportunity, Clarkson’s.

From the blind auditions to the finals, his confidence and deep baritone voice made the judges and fans all over America fall in love. How could anyone believe that this star would, in fact, be completely terrified performing on stage? Hoot reveals that it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago singing The Eagles hit song “Desperado” that he gained the confidence to win the competition.

“Before Desperado, everybody was like, ‘man you look so calm and confident.’ I’m like, ‘man I am terrified up there,’” said Hoot.

He credits Kelly Clarkson’s advice that made him push through this tremendous fear.

Hoot mentioned, “her telling me, you know, ‘act like you belong out there.’ You know, rather than going out there and being timid, like, just believe that you’re supposed to be here and you’re here for a reason.”

This gave Hoot the belief he needed to know he would win.

Now all eyes are on the country star with expectations to see what big things are next to come.

You can continue to follow his journey on Instagram. To watch the full interview, click the link above.

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