Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman perform music sessions on TikTok

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman perform home music sessions on TikTok. Keith releases two new songs; Poraliod & God Whispered Your Name. Plus, a trip down memory lane on their relationship & why they are couple goals

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Posted On: May 3rd, 2020 11:39pm pst

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ABTV Country Quarantine Music Sessions 

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are known as one of the biggest Hollywood couples, but you will be surprised to know that Keith gave Nicole some pushback when he first met her. 

In an interview with Now To Love, Keith confessed that he didn’t think he stood a chance at pursuing a relationship with Nicole. 

“I thought she was way out of my league.” Keith states, “Not in a million years did I think I would end up with her.” 

When Keith first laid eyes on Nicole he recalls her embodying an aura that seemed out of reach. 

He admitted that it took him four months to gain courage and call her. 

“I had her phone number for a while and I was thinking if I call her she’s going to answer, what do I say. But I was in a place, a not very healthy place in my life.” Keith expresses, “I thought she would never be interested in me. But one day I plucked the courage, I called her and she answered and we talked and talked, it was effortlessly.”  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a three-time Grammy Award winning country artist, you can still get nervous in front of someone you like. That’s why fans love Keith and Nicole’s relationship because it comes from an authentic place. 

As for Nicole, she shares with WSJ Magazine that she  knew Keith was the one for her when he took her on a motorcycle ride in Woodstock, NY and prepared a picnic. 

“I was a goner..I mean, c’mon.” 

We don’t blame you Nicole! We would be a “goner” too if someone took us on a motorcycle ride and planned a picnic for us. 

The couple got married in 2006 and have two children together. Keith has mentioned to Billboard that he has “married up”.

Honestly, Hollywood wouldn’t feel right without this power couple. 

What makes this relationship more special is that Keith and Nicole support each other in their careers. Nicole shared with WSJ Magazine that one of the reasons her and Keith work so well together is because they are different. 

The Blue Ain’t Your Color singer explains that he has zero interest in acting and Nicole feels the same way about becoming a country artist but they are each other’s number one fans.

In fact, according to Bang Showbiz, Keith mentions that there is no doubt that Nicole has been a big part of his creativity with his music.

“There’s no question that Nic has been a huge influence on my creativity, simply for the way she approaches things in such a bold way. Curiosity makes her go toward something regardless of whether she thinks she can do it or not.” 

We believe it. The Moulin Rouge actress has won five Golden Globes, two Primetime Emmys, an Oscar, and Time magazine has named her two times for being one of the 100 most influential people in the world . 

The more we’re listening to Keith’s hit song, Somebody Like You, we know Nicole had to be a big reason behind it. 

“It sure feels good to finally feel the way I do and I want to love somebody, love somebody like you.” 

This song has officially made our top country hits on spotify. 

Nicole also shows her support with Keith’s music by being by his side in his TikTok videos when he is performing in their home studio. 

Credit: Keith Urban’s TikTok

Look at her smile when he’s jamming on his guitar. We’re hoping Keith will do a TikTok with him and Nicole singing We Were Us.

Nicole even shared with fans a behind the scenes look of Keith playing the guitar. 

“This is what being an at home roadie looks like.”

We love it, Keith! Even in quarantine you are still making great content from home. 

Keith also released two new songs; Polaroid and God Whispered Your Name.

In honor of his new song Polaroid, Keith shared his own personal polaroid of him and Nicole smiling at each other during a car ride.  

Credit: Hello Magazine

This is why they are couple goals. They only have to look at each other for our hearts to melt.

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