Could CW’s Katy Keene Star Camilla Hyde Be Teasing a Tyra Banks Guest Appearance?

Written by: Eric Devontae Russell – April 25th, 2020 9:04pm pst

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So, nice, we got a chance to kick it with her twice. This past Friday, CW Katy Keene actress, Camille Hyde, returned to AfterBuzz TV, and rejoined the Katy Keene panel to share more insight, laughs, and tea about episode 10 and future episodes. At the start of the after-show, it was only right that we did a brief recap of episode 10, ESPECIALLY because Camille requested to come back and talk about this episode in particular. When asked about her favorite moments in episode 10, Camille, who plays Alexandra Cabot on the show, had this to say,

“Well, I mean CLEARLY, clearly, I really loved in this episode specifically, you know, Xandra came into it being very open and being very, kind of like, with her guard down with Josie, which is something that you saw a little bit of in episode eight when she told Josie that she had a really good EP, and she was very kind of complimentary with how she wanted her to know that she liked her music, and that’s something Alexandra really struggles with…swallowing her pride and being able to be vulnerable with other people even when she has a power struggle with them.”

In episode eight, we saw a new love in Xandra Cabot’s life, and it seems like Camille’s may be following suit. During our special segment, “60 Seconds With Camille” part 2, when asked when’s the last time she’s been in love, Camille said, 

“Right now! I have a cute boyfriend, he’s the best. I love him. His name is Connor. Come say ‘Hi’, babe. Come say ‘Hi.’ Just peek your head in.” Connor then peeked his head in and introduced himself to us. It was a moment, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, MAJOR tea alert! Before signing off, when asked if there was anything else that she wanted add, Camille dropped a HUGE hint at an iconic special guest for episode 11 of Katy Keene. Camille said,

“This week we have a really special guest who I can’t, I mean when you guys see who it is, I mean, I, I just want you to like reach out to me and tell me, like, cause you’re gonna freak out when you see who this guest is that i’ve been talking about.” While she was not at liberty to say who this guest is, Camille left us with this one hint, 

“Do you want to be on top?” 

Buzzers, we’re thinking it’s the LEGENDARY Tyra Banks, but I guess we’ll just have to tune in next week Thursday, at 8pm PST to find out.

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