Kaitlyn Herman Wants Back on Big Brother…For Love!

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Big Brother 20 alum Kaitlyn Herman wants back in the house, and it’s not to win, it’s to flirt!

Herman guested on AfterBuzz TV’s Big Brother, Small World with JC Mounduix, and shared that she’s single and ready to mingle.

“That’s literally one of the only reasons why I want them to have me back. Like, I’m officially single,” said Herman. “Count me in, put me on the show, and now I can finally do what you all wanted me to do.”

Herman went on the show with a boyfriend, but that didn’t stop her from flirting with several of the men on the show.

“Everyone took a major shit on my life when I was in a relationship and I was flirting with all these guys. What-the-hell-ever,” said Herman. “I’m finally single and like, can live my best life. Like, throw me in the game where I can just, like, live.”

While speaking of relationships on the show, JC asked Kaitlyn about her infamous relationship with Brett Robinson.

“Did you have sex with Brett Robinson in Las Vegas?” asked Mounduix.

“No I didn’t,” said an adamant Herman. “The answer is no.”

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Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.