K-Pop Community Speaks Up To Support Black Lives Matter

K-Pop Idols including Jackson Wang, Jay Park, Eric Nam, BTS, Jamie Park and more speak up to support Black Lives Matter

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Posted On: June 17th, 2020 3:27 pm pst

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As we stand and take action with the Black community in support of Black Lives Matter, it’s been important to see which public figures have been using the power of their platforms for good. 

The, at times, pre-existing racial divide between Asian and Black communities makes it doubly important for Asian entertainers to fight for what’s right in order to continue to close the gap between the two. 

While the K-Pop community often remains impartial, many of the most influential idols have chosen to speak out. 

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@h1ghrmusic as a Label and the Artists at the label have collectively donated 21k to the Black Lives Matter organization. We will also be participating in black out tuesday and our 6/2 release has been pushed to 6/4. To all the people protesting stay strong and keep fighting. We support you and are with you🙏 #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd – -하이어뮤직은 최근 조지 플로이드를 비롯한 과거 다수의 희생자들과 흑인 인권을 위한 운동 'BLACK LIVES MATTER'를 지지하며, 하이어뮤직과 아티스트들은 마음을 모아 해당 운동 관련 캠페인 단체에 2만 1천 불을 기부하였습니다. 또한 6월 2일 예정되어 있던 음원의 발매 일정을 6월 4일로 변경하며 BLACK OUT TUESDAY 운동에 동참하겠습니다. 하이어뮤직은 모든 인격이 평등하게 살아갈 수 있는 세계로의 변화를 응원합니다

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Sick of making post’s like this and sick of the same shit happening over and over again. Me being inspired by black culture aside me having black homies aside just as a man and a human being.. to think how helpless he felt and how inhumane he was treated… to think what if that was my dad, or uncle or homie makes me sick to my stomach. Countless INNOCENT UNARMED ppl losing their lives and nobody taking responsibility or being held accountable. Ppl who are supposed to protect and keep the public safe don’t even have the common sense or compassion to know if they are killing somebody innocent? Police Departments and Ppl in position of power not doing anything to provoke change.. all of it makes me sick… the whole system is corrupt… and nobody wants to admit it cause they are all afraid of taking responsibility for countless years of unjust inhumane treatment. Cant even begin fathom how fed up the black community is with so many years of abuse. I Pray to God the truth prevails and i Pray to God ppl who have compassion and empathy are put into a place of power and authority and ppl who abuse their power for their own greed and ego and to feel superior all disappear. Same for the civilians abusing their privilege calling the police and LYING. Act like some Fuckin human beings and may God have mercy on ur souls. #RIPGEORGEFLOYD

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Jay Park was one of the first to stand up in a post to his 4 million Instagram followers. He shared how big of an impact black culture and music has had on his career. He went on to express his anger over the countless, innocent lives that have been lost. Jay’s agency, H1GHR Music, and their artists donated $21,000 to Black Lives Matter.

Eric Nam said it best, “It does not matter what color your skin is, this affects you.” Eric continued to share posts encouraging his 3 million followers to educate themselves and to do something about it. Fans from across the globe have been leaving comments sharing ways to help, personal stories and continuing important conversations. 

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안녕하세요 여러분, 지난 며칠 동안 저는 미국에서 일어나고 있는 일들로 많은 생각을 하게 되었습니다. 저는 사람들이 이 일에 대해 반드시 모두가 알아야 하는 일이라고 생각하기에, 더더욱 글을 올리기 전에 신중히 제 생각들을 정리하고 얘기 하고 싶었습니다. 저는 K-Pop 음악산업에 관계자 분들이 이 일에 대해 전혀 마음을 쓰지 않고 있다고는 생각하지 않습니다. 온 신경을 쏟기엔 충분히 공감할 수 있을 만큼 잘 알고 있지 않을 뿐이라고 생각합니다.그래서 저는 제 계정을 통해 제 팬분들 뿐만 아니라 한국인으로써 현재 이 ‘Black Lives Matter(흑인의 목숨도 소중하다)’ 운동이 얼마나 중요한지 그리고 왜 관심을 갖고 동참을 해야하는지에 대해 도움을 드리고 싶었습니다. 한국의 다양한 산업은 흑인 음악 뿐 만 아니라 문화에서도 큰 영향을 받고있습니다. 제 지인분들 중에서도 훌륭한 흑인 예술가분들의 음악을 통해 누릴 수 있었던 즐거움과 다양한 경험을 토대로 음악인의 길을 걷게 되신 분들도 많습니다. 단지 피하거나 침묵을 통해 지나쳐서는 안됩니다. 이 것은 인간으로써의 권리를 지지하는 것이며, 전세계적으로 음악 산업 전반에 영향력을 가진 인류의 존엄성에 대한 것입니다. Black Lives Matter는 단지 조지 플루이드를 잔인하게 살해한 것에 그치는 것이 아닌, 미국 정부가 끊임없이 무시하고 단지 피부색 때문에 인간에 대한 조직적인 학대를 적극적으로 허용하는 것에 관한 이야기입니다. 이 일이 한국에서 일어나지 않았다고 해서 나와 관련이 없다는 뜻이 아니라는 겁니다. Black Lives Matter 운동은 전 세계 모든 사람들의 도움이 필요합니다. 제 팬분들과 동료 음악 산업 친구들, 동료들, 그리고 대한민국인으로써 왜 이 운동이 중요하고 필요한지 그리고 깊이 이해할 것을 말씀드리고 싶습니다 침묵은 절대 답이 아닙니다. 오직 행동만이 변화를 이끌어 낼 수 있습니다. 기부와 주변인들에게 알려주는 것, 그 어떤 방법이든 여러분의 목소리로, 여러분의 행동으로 보여주셨으면 좋겠습니다. https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co #blacklivesmatter https://blmkorea.carrd.co/

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It’s not only Korean Americans that have shown their support. Jamie Park took to Instagram to educate fellow artists about why it’s important that the Korean music industry supports Black Lives Matter. She took a crucial step by explaining systemic racism in America to her international following that may not understand. Jamie also strongly expressed how Black music and culture is the greatest influence of K-Pop music. 

Chinese artist and K-Pop Idol, Jackson Wang, posted a call to action to his 17 million followers encouraging everyone to fight racism together. Shortly after, Team Wang made a donation to the Black Lives Matter campaign. He wasn’t the only GOT7 member to take action. Mark, as we previously reported, and Yugyeom made donations while leader JB showed his support on Blackout Tuesday. 

BTS spread this message to their 26 million international fans, followed by a donation of $1 million to Black Lives Matter. ARMY quickly rallied together to match their donation. As of today, nearly 41,000 ARMY have donated raising over $1.3 million. This act of urgency, generosity and love proves that it’s possible for all of us to come together as one to make the change we need. 

There are many more idols that spoke out to raise awareness including NCT127’s Johnny Suh, KARD’s BM, BTOB’s Peniel, The Rose’s Woosung and Ladies Code’s Ashley Choi, to name a few. Through the names I’ve mentioned alone, they had the potential to reach over 70 million followers. 

We’re so proud of the K-Pop community and are looking forward to their continued support of Black Lives Matter and beyond. 

We here at AfterBuzz TV are in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement, so please continue to tune in to our network daily for more coverage!

Tune in daily to AfterBuzz TV for all of your entertainment articles and our after shows for news and info. 

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