Justin Bieber Says He Was Dying After Revealing Past Drug Use

Written by: Benny Adams – February 4th, 2020 5:48pm pst

Justin Bieber is opening up and getting Personal about his past drug use in the latest episode of his YouTube docu series ​Seasons​.

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In part 5 of the series titled​ The Dark Season ,B​ieber goes in depth of the amount of drugs he’s experienced with saying, he first started smoking weed at the age of 13, then moving to popping pills.

“It was just an escape for me, I was young, like everybody in the industry, or in the world, who experiment. But my experience was in front of the cameras and I had a different level of exposure. I had a lot of money and a lot of things, so then you have all of these people around me hanging on and wanting stuff from me, knowing I was living this lifestyle that they also wanted me to live.” Bieber said.

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His manager Scooter Braun said his darkest times were in his late teens, but his lifestyle didn’t change until Beiber got scared and finally said enough is enough.

“I decided to stop because I was like dying, my security were coming into the room at night to check my pulse. People don’t know how serious it got, it was legit crazy-scary.”

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Another scary moment for the singer was when he found out he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, which according to doctors can cause symptoms such as ​mood swings, irritability, depression and anxiety.

Now Bieber is on a journey of recovery, where he says he takes medical treatments to flush out all the toxins and repair his body after his years of drug use, and most importantly focuses on his mental health.

“I have abused my body in the past and now i am just in the recovery process, trying to make sure I am taking care of my body and taking care of the vessel that God’s given me.” Said Bieber.

credit: YouTube Originals

The episode ends with the singer telling viewers, “Life is worth living. If you’re not going to give up, the only thing to do is to push forward. That’s it.”

You can stream Justin Bieber: Seasons on Youtube Premium.

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