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Perfect “nice guy” Jordan Rogers may not have been as honest as we thought during his time on Jojo’s season of The Bachelorette. According to infamous Bachelor Villain Chad Johnson, the season 12 contestant had a previous relationship with lead contestant Jojo Fletcher. On his weekly AfterBuzz TV podcast, Chad offered
“He walked in and there was something there, and it turns out they had talked before the show. Cause it was like, why is this dude – like, he walked in and he had said one thing to her and within five minutes he was just on the couch just chillin’. And it was like, how is this guy like THIS confident. You know what I mean? And if you watch it back when he walks up and he introduces himself he said, ‘Nice, to finally meet you.’ Now, if you just met this girl, that’s not what you say. It’s nice to meet you? So that was the whole thing is because he knew he’d be good to go…they’d already been chit-chatting for a while. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble there.”
And the Bachelor franchise wasn’t the only Reality Show that Chad shaded. The sex-crazed sin den in Ex On The Beach, on which Chad was a contestant, was apparently quite debaucherous. Chad told co-host Renee Ariel: “There was some sketchy stuff. At one point, I think there was like five couples all having sex at the same time. We’re downstairs, and there’s one couch here – people are having sex. One couch right here – people are having sex. And then, the rider room above, we know for a fact people are having sex, you them it downstairs. And the other room on, like, the opposite walls. And I think somebody was in the bathroom, right next to us. So like was like five couples, al like, within a cylindrical 3 foot square area.”

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Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham


Jeffrey C. Graham is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.

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