John Singleton Encouraged Shaft Director Tim Story To Make Film His Own

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John Singleton passed the Shaft torch to Director Tim Story for this new sequel, giving his blessing in a newly revealed conversation.

Story appeared on Black Hollywood Live’s The Curvy Critic, and shared with host Carla Renata the advice Singleton told him before they started filming.

“John and I, um, were able to discuss this for a hot second before uh, before I got started with this, and, and he said, ‘you know, Tim, make it your own. Just go do your thing,'” said Story, “I found that to be, um, you know, just kind of a cool way for me to go into this.

Singleton passed away April 28th, 2019. He directed the previous Shaft, which premiered in 2000, and Story is directing the sequel which comes out next weekend. Both star Samuel L. Jackson.

“I was so wanting him to watch this” shared Story. “John and I have had a lot of conversations about my films, about his films, and I just, I kinda felt like he’d, um, he’d have a good time watching it so it, it just hurts my heart.”

While Story certainly included his own elements into the movie, he admitted it’s still the same Shaft people know and love.

“It’s got a lot of me into it. It’s got a lot of, um, uh, you know, humor,” said Story, before adding, “we still keep him cool. We still keep Shaft what he’s supposed to be, but, um, we also, you know, we also, um, make you laugh.”

There’s also a classic scene from Singleton’s Shaft that Story knew he had to include: the penthouse shootout.

“When they swing into the and, and go through the glass and kind of come into the room and they start firing guns, and I just thought, uh, ‘why not?’ You know? And, and then of course because I had all three of them I figured if all three of them are doing it I could also have some fun,” said Story. “That’s what made, for me, that was one of the moments that made me look at Shaft as a real superhero, you know, so for him to kinda swing, you know, like Batman into a room, you know, you gotta do it.”

Shaft premieres in theaters around the world June 14th.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.