Joe Jonas Talks Writing Music During Quarantine and DJs to Celebrate New Jonas Brothers Songs

Joe Jonas Talks Writing New Music During Quarantine and Celebrates New Jonas Brothers Songs, X and 5 More Minutes, with a DJ Set! Just a few reasons why AfterBuzz loves Joe Jonas Weekly.  

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Posted On: May 18th, 2020 12:17 am pst

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Afterbuzz TV Loves Joe Jonas Weekly 

This week Joe Jonas shared some memories, enjoyed the release of two new Jonas Brothers songs, and hinted at even more new music on the way!

If you’re an OG Jonas Brothers fan, you’re familiar with the hit Time For Me To Fly. A fan took the meaning of that song and twisted it in a tweet Joe reposted. The side by side pictures show Joe with his brothers on bikes in the early 2000s. Right next to it is the brothers in the same formation on Joe’s show Cup of Joe on Quibi. Definitely made fans and Joe a little emotional.  

Credit: Elvis Duran Show on YouTube

This week the Jonas Brothers dropped two new songs- X and 5 More Minutes. In celebration of the songs, Joe joined his brothers on the Elvis Duran Show. While chatting about the new songs, Joe hinted that he’s been writing more songs during quarantine. Can’t wait to hear the hits he’s been creating!

Credit: Joe Jonas on Twitch i-

To continue celebrating the new songs, Joe hopped on Twitch to do a live DJ Set. The set of course included X and 5 More Minutes. There were also a few hits from Lizzo, Post Malone, BENEE, and many more.

As if two new songs weren’t enough, the Jonas Brothers also announced a music video for X! Joe shared this picture as a sneak peak at the video. Can’t wait to watch it!

We loved hanging out with Joe this week! AfterbuzzTV Loves Joe Jonas Weekly! If you love Joe Jonas, too, be sure to share this article with a friend and stay tuned for more Joe Jonas updates!  Tune in daily to AfterbuzzTV articles and aftershows for all the latest news on pop culture and entertainment.

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