Joe Jonas Shares International Music on Instagram Live and Gets Honest in ‘Happiness Continues’ about his Relationship with His wife Sophie Turner

Written by: Lisa K. Satchell – April 27th, 2020 time 9:35 am pst


This week was monumental for the Jonas Brothers as a band with the release of their Amazon Prime concert film, Happiness Continues. Joe continued to give us fun and positivity as he engaged with fans this week.

Joe added some good vibes to his Instagram Live by inviting some friends to play music! Joe’s first guest was Irish band Picture This. The group opened for the Jonas Brothers on their European tour. After catching up with Joe, the band played a few songs. Joe was also joined by Jordan McGraw, who opened for the Jonas Brothers in America, and Australian  group Homegrown. The whole live was filled with positivity and great music. Definitely brought a bright spot to quarantine!

Credit: @JoeJonas via TikTok 

Joe continued to bring us smiles with one of his iconic TikToks. We know Joe is basically a chef and loves a good TikTok. He combined those two in a TikTok video while serving attitude in an apron.

One of my favorite things about these weekly articles is Joe’s moments with his wife Sophie Turner. During an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Joe and his brothers played a game of Quarantine Confessions. Joe admitted to watching 90 Day Fiance over Sophie’s shoulder. Looks like the show has a new secret fan in Joe! 

Joe and his brothers made his fans incredibly happy with their new concert film, Happiness Continues. Whether fans saw the concert in person or experienced it for the first time while watching, the film perfectly shows what the Happiness Begins Tour was like. The concert film also includes behind the scenes moments and transparent interviews with the Jonas Brothers. One of the highlights was Joe explaining the meaning behind the song “Hesitate”. He wrote the song about Sophie before they got married and he says when he closes his eyes while singing it, he pictures her. So sweet!

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