JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Carson Rowland of Sweet Magnolias Join Us to Talk Ty and Maddie

JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Carson Rowland of Sweet Magnolias share their favorite parts of their characters Ty and Maddie, what they love about working on this new Netflix original, JoAnna sends love to co-star Heather Headley, and Carson shouts out co-star Anneliese Judge.

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Posted On: May 19th, 2020 12:00pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already fallen in love with our Sweet Magnolias and can’t get enough of all of the sweet folks of Serenity. So, if you’re looking to fall even more in love with these characters, the actors who portray them, and the writers, producers, and directors who created them, you’ve come to the right place.

AfterBuzz TV is celebrating with margaritas as we are honored to be the place for all things Sweet Magnolias and are excited to work with our friends at Netflix to bring you the official AfterShow, which includes interviews with cast, crew, and an in-depth look into the small but mighty town of Serenity.

We were thrilled to be joined for our first episode by two incredibly talented stars of the show, who have just as strong a mother-son bond off-screen as they do on-screen, JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Carson Rowland.

JoAnna and Carson play Maddie and Ty Townsend and during our AfterShow, their love for each other was absolutely radiant and the light that they bring to their characters was absolutely evident in them as actors and people as well.

Carson gushed over how much he enjoyed working on the project and that his favorite thing about the show is its relate-ability.

“There’s just so much going on in Ty’s life and I’m sure like thousands of kids are experiencing what Ty is experiencing in the show. And that’s one thing I just love about the show is that it’s just so real, it’s so authentic, and there’s just a commonality between all the storylines. You can hear some of these storylines happening like to your neighbor, or to yourself.”

After talking about what he loves about the show overall, Carson was also happy to share how much he loved working with Showrunner Sheryl Anderson and how she helped Carson understand Ty’s amazing growth and complexity, throughout the season.

“I was so honored to play this character because it was so complex and so detailed, and I’m excited for people to see it.”

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One of these details of Ty’s character that Carson encountered as an actor, would be that Ty is a child of divorce and Carson had to dive deep into research for this experience that he’s not had before.

“Trying to embody that character was a really tough experience. I talked to Jo about it. I talked to Norman and Sheryl, and just how they want me to play this character. I mean, when I threw myself at this so much, I learned so much about myself. It taught me so many lessons about how to deal with stress and how to use a support system and it was a transformative experience.”

Another complex aspect of Ty’s character is his relationship with his mother, and JoAnna discussed how her and Carson immediately clicked on set. Both actors hail from Florida and were raised in similar backgrounds and those experiences helped them portray Maddie and Ty on screen.

JoAnna was also happy to sing Carson’s praises in many other aspects besides his acting work, since Carson has a Neuroscience degree and is also an incredibly talented singer!

It’s evident that the entire cast of this show have such an amazing connection because JoAnna was also quick to sing the praises of co-star Heather Headley, who plays Helen Decatur.“She is my hero on so many levels. I just…I can’t explain how I feel about her, and also too, her character. Getting the opportunity to see who this woman is on a real level, not to mention, she’s enormously talented, her beautiful voice and her spirit. She had just had a baby when we were shooting this. I was going home for my glass of wine and she was going home to breastfeed.”

Besides the dynamic duo of Helen and Maddie, another amazing yet quite complicated duo on this show is Ty and Annie. Annie is portrayed by Anneliese Judge and while Carson couldn’t give too much away about Ty and Annie for fear of spoilers, he did share how much he loved working with Anneliese on set.

“Anneliese is just so talented, so working with her was just so much fun, same thing with Logan. I mean, they are just really talented young actors and to work with them was such a pleasure and an honor. From the beginning, we’re like the youngest people there, so we really spent a lot of time together getting to know each other.”

As we dived deeper into Maddie’s character, JoAnna shared her favorite parts of Maddie and what she loved about portraying that character.

“One thing I think Maddie really hangs her hat on is knowing that she’s a good mom, and is really a present mom. It was almost like, her biggest fear of giving to herself and like indulging in anything that was for her individually, would mean that she wasn’t able to micromanage and be there for children in the way that was like, that was her job.”

It’s our job here at AfterBuzz TV to be The ESPN of TV Talk and we were honored to do just that with these incredible stars. If you want to keep up with Carson and JoAnna, be sure to follow JoAnna on Twitter @JoannaLGarcia, Instagram @jogarciaswisher, and you can find Carson on all platforms @carsonrowland. 

Also, you can catch their full interview here, and continue to check back with AfterBuzz TV for all your Sweet Magnolias coverage and all the best in entertainment news and gossip.

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