JLO Gets Emotional on ‘World Of Dance’

JLO started the week being “Grateful and Excited” hinting an upcoming project!

Jennifer Lopez

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Posted On: August 13th, 2020 11:08 pm pst

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AfterBuzz TV has its own JLO on the network, and that is me!  I’m a producer and host here to talk all about Actress/ Singer / Dancer Jennifer Lopez. There is no doubt in my mind that this weekly segment talking all about JLO is going to be an amazing one. Make sure to tune in every week at Afterbuzztv.com for my weekly article on everything you need to know about the star herself. 

Since quarantine for many of us, we have days when we might be struggling with staying motivated and push ourselves to keep moving forward. Leave it to the Queen herself JLO who took to Instagram looking like the goddess that she is with a makeup-free face. Lopez, letting her fans know what’s been working on the star, went on to say that she had been working on a video the last two days. Could JLO be hitting new music or film?! We need answers QUEEN! JLO went on to let her fans know to comment below what they are grateful for. Her millions of fans definitely did not let her down, we saw a familiar face on the comments, Maluma the Colombian singer commented on her Instagram “Tell us please”, and fans went wild putting the pieces together saying that perhaps that they both perhaps are working on this project together. Who knows, but we will definitely keep our eye out!

The season finale of NBC’s World of Dance has finally come to an end, and it  brought JLO in tears.The star was moved by Madison Smith, Emma Mather, and Diego Pasillas (also known as MDC 3’s) performance a day before the grand finale. Lopez expressed how moved she was by this beautiful and intense act, she was left speechless that brought her and her other panelists Ne Yo to tears. All three judges were definitely happy with the group’s performance ultimately making them the winners of World of Dance

This week was definitely a week that JLO taught us to continue pushing for our dreams and continue being grateful for what we have. 

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