JLo Dancer Matt Day’s Journey From Homelessness To Performing at Super Bowl

Dancer Matt Day opens about finding focus & positivity through athletics, paying tribute to Colin Kaepernick at the Super Bowl, & dancing with Jennifer Lopez

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Posted On: May 23rd, 2020 12:53 am pst

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ABTV’s A Podcast About JLo: Matt Day

Dancer & Actor, Matt Day joined the trio of Ronnie, Russell, & Fallon on this week’s episode of A Podcast About JLo. Matt’s career currently encompasses work relationships with some of the top names in pop music, but his rise to fame has certainly had some struggles. Originally from the Bay Area with a career focus on football, Day had shifted out of athletics and into performance during the later half of High School. While success doesn’t happen overnight, he made the jump from Northern California to LA only to come across a variety of hard knocks, including his time while living in his car as a form of survival.

Throughout it all, his fortitude has landed him some of the most sought after dance positions across the board. As a JLo Dancer, Matt shares his uplifting experience with the Super Bowl performance, and how he was able to pay homage to the causes that Colin Kaepernick fought for, all the while stepping onto an iconic stage that simultaneously empowered the LatinX community.

Matt has danced with Jennifer Lopez for several years and has learned a lot from the superstar, and is now looking into creative ways to share a variety of creative gifts. Matt is always looking for new ways to share his message and nothing is more prominent than his quest of storytelling. Currently working on a few different scripts, Day intends to bridge the gap between different communities & demographics. 

Growing up in the Bay Area with a Father who rigidly embodied some old school values and a gay brother, Matt has truly flourished in his storytelling skills as he speaks upon different aspects of masculinity, being bi-racial, and how those identities intermix along the different demographics. His ability to unbox some of society’s standards & continually push the boundaries of all his creative visions, is what keeps him #BookedAndBusy. 

When thinking back on his experiences, Matt Day has grown tremendously and thinks of his JLo experiences as a true motivating force. When asked of the pressure of performing a solo with Lopez, Matt simply explained that in those moments you just put on your game face and get to work. A one time Athlete, he has used those practical skills in life and they seem to be paying off tremendously. 

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Ready to hit the stage again

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To stay up to date on all of Matt Day’s happenings, simply follow his instagram platform, which he is using as a way to feel creatively inspired/goofy during this time of quarantine & social distancing. 


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Reflecting on your accomplishments brings balance. #2020ImOnANewHunt

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