JLo continues to inspire artists of future as singer, Rachele Royale shines bright with JLo Glow

Jennifer Lopez has been the embodiment of career perseverance, and the stars of the future are following that lead. Singer Rachele Royale discusses how JLo inspired her to be assertive, focused and more

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Posted On: May 12th, 2020 8:25pm pst

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ABTV A Podcast About JLo

Each week, Ronnie, Russell, & Fallon talk about all things JLo on their podcast, “A Podcast About JLo.’ This week singer Rachele Royale joined the trio to discuss all sides of the music industry, including some of the tougher conversations that women go through while pursuing their creative aspirations. Rachele, who also grew up as a dancer, recalls the feeling of motivation, seeing that Jennifer Lopez was able to seamlessly transition from a dancer to singer. Royale’s career has encompassed a lot of different focuses and over the years (much like Jennifer Lopez) she has been able to stay focused and adapt to the new landscape.

When the conversation opened up about the comparisons of JLo vs Mariah, Rachele recalls a time when women weren’t practicing empowerment on the level that things are on today. Rachele has seen many varieties of empowerment over the years, and loves the shift of such positive affirmation, but also realizes how naturally the built in competitiveness of the industry has persisted over the years. 

This episode of “A Podcast About JLo’ also speaks to the importance of navigating your career with a team that is close to you and that you feel comfortable with. Rachele recalls a moment where she knew who was there for the right reasons and why it’s important to work with only certain people who also fit into the vision.

“A Podcast About JLo” is a weekly series co-created by AfterBuzzTV and is the ultimate superfan platform for JLo Lovers!

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