Jimin Confirms Project Manager Role For New BTS Album

Jimin Confirms Project Manager Role For New BTS Album, spills details and organizes members thoughts on BANGTANTV live stream

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Posted On: May 5th, 2020 8:14 pm pst

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BTS is already back in the studio after announcing they are self managing their next album, and most recently, ‘lovely’ Jimin streamed on BANGTANTV’s YouTube channel, declaring himself the album’s ‘PM,’ which we’re thinking stands for project manager. Jimin details how Suga suggested he should take the role so he could get closer to the music, and is tackling the new job by first organizing the members thoughts on the album. 

Credit: BANGTANTV_YouTube

Jimin details in his vlog how the members met for a meeting to discuss their opinions about the new album, how they want to work and what types of songs they want to make. He then talks about how he is now typing up the notes he compiled at that meeting, to then be sent and communicated with the company. He concludes his vlog, discussing how although he is unsure of what type of work he will be doing in the future, he is enjoying the tasks he is doing currently, and will continue to work hard. 

Credit: BANGTANTV_YouTube

So far, Jimin is the only member whose role has been confirmed, but BTS are experts when it comes to dropping hints. We all remember their 2019 MMA and MAMA performances, which were not only legendary, but also gave us clues for their album Map Of The Soul 7

Previously, RM, Suga and J-Hope released their vlogs on BANGTANTV, and they have ARMY’s theorizing about the members’ possible roles. In their vlogs, RM is discussing the upcoming album, Suga is painting and J-Hope is dancing. Is it possible RM’s conversation about the album could mean he will be working as music manager? Could Suga painting be hinting that he will be managing visuals? Is J-Hope in charge of choreography? Anything’s possible, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait for the official announcement.

Credit: BANGTANTV_YouTube

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