Jessica Parker Kennedy Campaigning to be the Next Buffy

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The Flash star Jessica Parker Kennedy is a really big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Actually, Kennedy is a really, really, really, really big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

Kennedy made her fandom known on a recent episode of The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and Roxy Striar.

She revealed she’s campaigning to play Buffy in the new remake, which was first announced in 2018.

“I can’t even speak on it because all I want in my life is, is just Buffy to be a big, big part of my life, so I’m very excited it’s coming back. Obviously I think I should be Buffy. I hope I get to audition for it as many times as possible, even if I need to crawl my way into that audition room,” blushed Kennedy. “I have called. I’ve made that call. I’m, I’m telling the world, I’ve made that call, because I just would love that so, so, so much.”

Kennedy even let slip that she already plays Buffy off screen.

“I have a, a night shirt that I sleep in that’s a Buffy shirt, and it says ‘I Slay,’ and in the morning I wake up and I stretch and I go, ‘ughhh, Buffy!’ [does a flexing motion] and then I start my day,” admitted Kennedy. “Now this isn’t every day, but this is a lot of days. So this is a part, this is like a part of me.

Kennedy is currently all in on playing Nora West-Allen on CW’s The Flash. But that doesn’t stop her from giving credit to her spirit animal on set.

“Under my breath on The Flash when I would, when something cool would happen to Nora, I was too embarrassed to say it out loud, but under my breath, I would be like, ‘Buffy!’ said Kennedy. “She motivates me.”

No timetable for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot has been released.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.