Jerry Ferrara Announces New HBO show with Courtney Kemp

Written by: Michael Clouse – September 10th, 2019 7:42am PT

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EXCLUSIVE – Jerry Ferrara is creating his own new entourage, with writing genius Courtney Kemp.

Ferrara announced to AfterBuzz TV he is working with Kemp on a police drama they have sold to HBO.

“I know I’ve brought her up a bunch of times cause I, she is one of my favorite writers of all time,” Ferrara shared on the Power aftershow.

Ferrara currently stars as Joe Proctor on Power, of which Kemp is a creator. The two have worked together for six seasons of the show.

While Power is still ongoing, work is well underway on their new drama.

“She’s [Kemp] in the writing process right now, in like, the thick of it, doing what she does,” said Ferrara. “Obviously, there are steps that have to go, to make sure that gets on the air, but uh, going off her track record, I think it stands a really good shot.”

In addition to Power, for which she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy award, Kemp also served as a producer on The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-O, and Beauty and the Beast.

Ferrara didn’t provide too many details about the new show, other than it follows police corruption in New York. He’s just super optimistic about what he and Kemp can create.

“You know she’s gonna bring it so uh, hopefully that would be the next thing which we would find out about real soon.”

Power is currently three episodes into Season 6, with another 12 on the way. It airs Sunday night on Starz.

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