Jensen & Danneel Ackles guests on Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Hilarie Burton Morgan’s Show

Jensen Ackles & Daneel Ackles share how to “Spring” clean, join Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Hilarie Burton Morgan on AMC’s Friday Night In, reminisce about the night Jeffery & Hilarie first met, shout out Hilarie’s Rural Diaries book while Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Padalecki quarantine by the pool

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Posted On: May 5th, 2020 1:03am pst

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While we are still quarantined this is the perfect chance to really “Spring” clean our house and Jensen Ackles shares how his wife Danneel is taking the time to make sure their house is spotless. 

“I Call this the “Easy Tiger Vacuum Attachment.” For those extreme cleans. *sold separately of course.” 

We can tell that Danneel used to be a gymnast and that she takes Spring cleaning seriously. This is housekeeping goals. 

What else are goals is the wall mural that Jensen and Danneel applied together. Danneel lets fans know this is a good project to do if you want to test your marriage. Proceed with caution..

“Okay. We did it, and both lives to tell about it. I will say, if you want to test your marriage during a pandemic quarantine, apply a wall mural together and see what happens. On a final note may I also suggest purchasing a wallpaper smoothing tool. We did not. Mistake.”

If forgetting a wallpaper smoothing tool was your only issue then you two nailed it! We think your daughter JJ agrees too! 

Next, Jensen is making sure he is staying in shape and is keeping his Dean Winchester moves fresh by participating in JJ’s obstacle course. As soon as it’s safe to return to set, Jensen still has two more episodes to film of Supernatural. It’s a good thing he’s keeping up on his skills. 

“Family Obstacle Course Day! JJ-1 Daddy-0.” 

JJ and Jensen were competing against each other to see who can run through the obstacle course the fastest. JJ made it in 17 seconds. Way to go! Jensen…made it in 23 seconds. 

We love the “COME ON” Jensen says at the end of the video. Totally reminds us of Dean. It’s okay Jensen that you lost at least your somersault was impressive. 

A few weeks back we reported that Hilarie Burton Morgan and her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan [John Winchester] started a new show on AMC called Friday Night In. Their first two guests were Jensen and Danneel. Jensen shared a clip of a fan asking how Jensen and Danneel set Hilarie and Jeffrey up.

“Hilarie was in town visiting. This was in LA and she was staying with us so we went out one evening at an Irish pub down in Toluca Lake.” Jensen states, “I convinced you (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to come down the street and meet us for a drink and you did. You pulled up in your Harley and we’re sitting there in the front window. Hilarie sees this guy get off of a bike in slow motion [laughs] and take his helmet off and throws his hair. It was all very surreal and you walked in and the two of you locked eyes. That was pretty much the rest of the evening.” 

Jensen and Danneel are good at playing matchmaker. Maybe they can work their magic on us single people out here. 

After being a guest on Friday Night In and reminiscing how Hilarie and Jeffrey fell in love. Danneel shares a photo of her reading Hilarie’s new book, The Rural Diaries, and shows fans a picture of them accepting their vows to each other (scroll to second picture).  

Danneel is a good friend and we might recognize who is officiating the wedding.

Hilarie commented on the photo, thankful that Danneel is in her life as Jeffrey inserted a heart emoji.

Credit: Danneel Ackles’s Instagram

Tree Hill Raven girls always stick together! 

Who else is sticking together is Jared Padalecki [Sam Winchester] and his wife Genevieve [Ruby]. Jared posted a picture of him catching some sun and Genevieve captured a photo of her hubby relaxing by the pool. 

“Thursday Thwimming (as Mike Tyson might thay..). Hope y’all are safe and sound out there. Photo courtesy of @nowandgen” 

Looks like they both are enjoying this time to relax and be together. Please keep us updated! Plus we still want to see Jared and Genevieve make an appearance on Friday Night In. We hope Jared, Jeffrey, and Genevieve will share some onset secrets. 

Make sure you’re following the stars of Supernatural on social media and don’t forget to tune into Friday Night In airing on the AMC network. We’re still hoping Jared and Genevieve will make an appearance soon.

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