Jenny Cooper Talks Shows Success And Joey Barnes Future

Jenny Cooper of the hit Netflix series Virgin River talks about why the show is such a hit, and what she would like to happen to her character in season 4.

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Posted On: September 2nd, 2021 6:16 pm pst

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Jenny Cooper interview

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Netflix is known to have a plethora of original series that easily captivates viewers from beginning to end, and Virgin River is that show fans can’t get enough of.

Now on its third season, the series is still going strong and people are already waiting for what will happen next season after its massive cliffhanger.

Jenny Cooper who plays Joey Barnes on the series talked with Benny Adams about the success of the show, and what to expect in the future.

Joey Barnes is the older protective sister to Mel Monroe who wants nothing but the best for her sister, something that Jenny cooper says she loves about her character.

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“I do love that even though she has three kids and a busy life, that her sibling is so important to her, and there’s nothing too big or too small for her to drop what she’s doing at any moment when Mel needs her. I find that inspiring.”

Since the debut of the show in 2019, it’s been one of Netflix’s top shows even taking the number one spot from fan-favorite Manifest on its top ten list.

“I think it’s overwhelming, and I don’t think anyone could have seen that kind of success coming because there’s so much content out there, and sometimes you wonder how anybody finds any shows to watch. I think it was really surprising, and certainly, we saw it building in season 2, and this year all the fans came back and they brought their friends.” Cooper explained about the show’s success.

Season three ended with multiple cliffhangers, one of the biggest was leaving viewers guessing on who the father of Mel’s unborn baby is. While Jenny couldn’t give any hints as to who the baby’s father is, she does hope nothing but the best for Mel.

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“It’s really fun to watch people’s theories to see what they have come up with and I think it’s a tough cliffhanger for people to have to live with for however many months. This is a love story ultimately, and hopefully love will prevail.”

Even though Netflix has not made an official announcement renewing Virgin River for a fourth season, due to its recent success it would be a shock if the show did not come back.

“I think that Joey has been through a lot, she’s finalizing a divorce, moving out of her house, and starting this whole new chapter. I don’t know yet whether they will explore any of that, but I think that will be great because it touches on so many themes that the show is about in terms of moving on and picking yourself up by the bootstraps and building a life for yourself.”

Season one through three of Virgin River is currently streaming on Netflix. Watch the entire interview with Jenny Cooper below.

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