Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols Reveal Wedding Plans, Which Challenge Stars Will Attend?

Written by: Benny Adams – February 25th 2020, 2:50am pst

Jenna Compono is revealing who from The Challenge will get an invite to her and Zach Nichols’ wedding.

credit: MTV

The two lovebirds spoke to US weekly where Jenna revealed that both Kailah Casillas and
Nany González will be there during her special day, but get this Nany will also be a bridesmaid!

credit: Instagram/Jenna Compono

‘We have spent many years with them all! Although we are friendly and cordial with a lot of people from The Challenge and would love to invite them, we wanted to invite people we talk to in our everyday lives to share this special day with.” Said Compono

She also revealed that they’re wedding will be at a Catholic Church on Long Island.

“We completely fell in love with the venue and booked it ASAP, We are currently planning our engagement party, which will be on March 28 on Long Island as well.” Compono revealed.

credit: Zach Nicholas/ Jenna Compono

Now we just need to know if their wedding is going to be on MTV, because that would definitely be a must watch.

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