Jen Lilley Talks About Voices That Give & Winner Isabel Macmaster

Jen Lilley talks about her contest Voices That Give and winner Isabel Macmaster. Her new album that she is releasing September 4th and wanting her former Co-Star, Eric Martsolf, to star in a Hallmark Christmas movie with her. Plus, Jen talks about a dream role she hopes to get with Hallmark. 

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Posted On: July 28th, 2020 5:25 pm pst

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Jen Lilley is known for starring in Hallmark Channel movies and working on Soap Operas including Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. Not only is Jen a successful actress but she is a talented singer who is going to be releasing a new album soon. 

Aside from acting and singing, Jen’s main focus is helping people. She created a contest called Voices That Give which is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give actors and musicians a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000, a walk on role on a Hallmark Channel movie, plus a meeting with Jen’s talent manager. The best part of this contest though is 100% of Jen’s profits go towards building Project Orphans USA and providing children in foster care a safe loving home. 

Chelsie Overocker from AfterBuzz TV had the opportunity to sit down with Jen and discuss Voices that Give, Isabel Macmaster who was the winner of the contest, plus a future role Jen hopes to get with The Hallmark Channel. 

We love the contest that Jen created because not only does this help launch actors and musicians careers but it’s going towards building a better life for foster children. We wanted to know how this experience has been for Jen. Running a contest, discovering talent, and knowing she is making a difference for foster children. 

“Awesome! I was really happy with everyone that participated and it was a wonderful way to spread joy and I learned a lot. I think I’m going to run more contests. I love how our overall winner was Isabel Macmaster who is from Australia.” 

Jen admitted that she had her eye on Isabel even before she was announced as the winner. Jen saw so much talent in her that she even wanted Isabel to take a meeting with her talent manager, regardless if Isabel won the contest or not. 

“She gets national press..a walk on role with Hallmark and a meeting with my talent manager who is incredible and just generally a nice guy…which is something you don’t find in Hollywood….I’m happy that Isabel won, I told my manager about her before the contest was over and said she’s amazing…you should consider taking a meeting with her even if she doesn’t win…but I’m so happy she did. She’s based in Australia and with this opportunity maybe she will be able to come to the states legally as an actress.  

What an amazing opportunity! Hallmark fans, be sure to keep your eye out for Isabel Macmaster. We’re excited to see where her career takes her. 

Jen also opened up about the struggles she faced with the contest happening during Black Lives Matter. On June 8th she posted a video on IG wondering if the timing of this contest was right. Jen explains after much consideration she believes the timing for Voices That Give is not a mistake.She created this contest allowing others the opportunity to use their voices and speak up about the injustice system. We wanted to know if Jen felt like BLM was a strong impact towards Voices That Give. 

“I’m not sure…I hope so…it was difficult for contestants to feel comfortable to talk about any other topic…hopefully they got exactly what you said. So many of the children in foster care aren’t white privilege…I do think it’s important with your platform to use your voices that give ..I hope it gave them a sense of gravity and that this is an ongoing thing. We need to speak against injustice always! This is not a hashtag…there will always be injustice! 

We agree, Voices That Give is not only about helping foster children but using our voices to speak up against the injustice system because that is a huge struggle that we all will continue to face. We’re hoping Jen will be launching more contests soon. 

In another video where Jen is promoting Voices that Give, she also mentions that she grew up in Virginia and came out here to Hollywood not knowing anyone. She literally had to start from the bottom and work herself up. Her story is inspiring and we wanted her advice for someone who is wanting to launch their career in the entertainment industry.

Credit: Jeff Xander

 “I recommend in any career that hard work and  determination will get you very far.” Lilley states, “I do believe if your dream doesn’t scare you a little it isn’t big enough. For acting..I ask someone why do they want to be an actor? Is it because you love storytelling and like to tell that story through the lens? Or is it because you want to be famous? Hollywood will kill you, this career will kill you and the odds are against you. It’s not an easy career and it feels like personal rejection. If you don’t get an audition there not saying no to you…I’m a typecast for Hallmark and I’m okay with that, plus I love Hallmark” [laughs].

We love Hallmark too! Jen recently did an IG live with Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and we were curious if she has been watching any of their Christmas movies that have been airing during July. Her two movies; Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday and Mingle All the Way have been on a few times already.

“I’m watching as many as I can but at the same time my four year old is adamant about what’s on the TV [laughs] there wondering why there are Christmas movies on in July [laughs] I love Hallmark because it really is a family over there…there such lovely outstanding people.. Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert,  Danica McKellar, Autumn Reeser.. there are so many wonderful women.”

Yes! We love all of the Hallmark women and we are getting excited that they are launching 40 new Christmas films! Even with Covid-19 taking place Jen agreed and knows Hallmark will dominate Christmas this year. 

“40 new Christmas movies during Covid which is insane! They are going to slay Christmas no pun intended but they are going to Sleigh Christmas” [laughs].

Jen even spilled that she might possibly get casted in one of their future Christmas movies!

Credit: Jeff Xander

“I’ve read this script for a future Christmas movie and you don’t exactly have a say of which one you get to do. I’ve cried at how much I love this movie…I have done so many Christmas movies and produced. This one is the best yet and I’m obsessed…you’re going to die! If I get it I will let you know!” 

Please let us know! This sounds amazing Jen, we’re big Hallmark fans and we can’t wait to know more about this movie. We all are hoping you get this role. 

Not only is Jen a talented actress and producer but she’s a singer. She released a single called “On The Street Where You Live,” and is planning on releasing her upcoming album in September.  

“Waiting so long to release this’s been done for two years.” Jen explains, “I got pregnant… then taking time being the mom I needed to be… but I’m doing a digital release on September 4th…it goes back to the 60’s which is the vibe of the album.”

Jen is hoping her fans will get empowerment from her songs and thinks the timing of her release is perfect. 

“Let’s just choose love over division….journey of empowerment…I’m here for a reason… I have a purpose…I’m loving the timing of the release.”  

We agree, the timing is perfect! Make sure everyone downloads her album on September 4th and “On The Street Where You Live” is available now on iTunes and Spotify. 

Jen also has a Christmas album out and sang a debut of “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” with one of her former Co-Stars Eric Martsolf from Days of Our Lives


They both had amazing on screen chemistry together and us fans would love to see them star in an upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie. 

“I agree a thousand percent with you I’ve been trying to get Eric on board for a long time…he’s perfect for the network let’s start a petition.” [laughs] 

Yes! Let’s do it, we’re on board with this idea! We want Eric Martsolf in a Hallmark movie soon. But in the meantime you can catch him as Brady Black on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. 

Thank you Jen for sitting down with us and discussing Voices that Give. What an amazing contest that’s going to help foster children plus, launching Isabel Macmaster’s acting career! We also hope you get the Christmas role for Hallmark, please let us know our fingers are crossed! 

“Yes I will reach out to you!!” 

Fans, make sure to keep up with Jen on IG and Twitter @jen_lilley. If you’re a fan of Jen and Hallmark, share this article with a friend. Keep up with AfterBuzz TV for the latest news in entertainment. 

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