Jen Lilley, Martha Madison, & Nadia Bjorlin Spends Mother’s Day W/ Dishin Days

Days of Our Lives Stars; Jen Lilley, Martha Madison, & Nadia Bjorlin check in with Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin Days to talk about Voices that Give & a chance to be featured in a Hallmark Channel movie. The struggles w/ homeschooling & running a restaurant business. 

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Posted On: May 13th, 2020 10:40 pm pst

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ABTV Loves Days of Our Lives Weekly

Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin Days continued to check in with Days stars to see what they have been up to during quarantine. 

This week Jen Lilley, Martha Madison, and Nadia Bjorlin joined Dishin Days to check in and gave the fans a special Mother’s Day. 

Martha Madison [Belle Black Brady] and Jen Lilley [Theresa Donovan]  joined the show first.

“Jen your hair is so long.” Martha states

“Yeah quarantine.”[laughs] “I was just saying why is that not an essential business..I will not touch Jason’s hair. I don’t know if you saw the video of me cutting Kayden’s’s bleak.” [laughs]

Yes the quarantine looks have definitely changed our hairstyle. We don’t blame you Jen for not wanting to touch your husband’s hair. Trying to cut men’s hair can be a whole new challenge. 

“Martha you look great.” Jen states 

“Oh you know it’s the first time since I’ve put on makeup in like three months [laughs].”

We feel you, Martha! The only time us women now get dressed up is when we are on our Zoom calls. This has become the new normal. 

Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin Days asked how they are both holding up during quarantine.  

Jen sighs before answering. 

“You have days, right Martha? It’s moments, moments! Like some days my kids are angels and then demons in the same 30 second span.” [laughs]  

Martha nods her head.

“Yeah, yesterday my daughter told me that she wanted to move to Alaska to live with my sister because she didn’t want to live with me anymore.” 

Jen’s jaw drops as she starts laughing

“How old is she now?”

“She’s six…old enough that I took her upstairs to help her pack.” [laughs].

We all love Martha Madison! She is the true Southern mom.

Dishin Days wanted to know how Jen is navigating all her children under one roof. 

She pauses for a moment. 

“You know, I don’t know that I am. My nine month old and then the two year old are very competitive for my attention. If I’m feeding her then the two year old is trying to get on top of me..Kayden just turned four yesterday which is awesome so he and I have this thing where Jason just bought a beach bike like one of those beach cruisers with a little bike just like in a Hallmark movie…so lately in the last three days Kayden and I have been riding bikes around the neighborhood. That’s been our time.” 

That’s so sweet Jen that you and your son bond by going on bike rides! It’s just like a Hallmark movie.

Speaking of Hallmark, Jen was excited to share a cool project that’s going to benefit foster children. Any actors, dancers, or Hallmark fans you NEED to enter this contest! 

“100 percent of my profits will benefit children in foster care. We’re going to try to build them a neighborhood model of homes for kids in foster care. Basically in a nutshell it’s called Voices that Give, it’s free to enter. People can go to my website. That’s the easiest…go to Jen to learn more about it. We have categories. The grand prize is ten thousand dollars… there’s gonna be a lot of huge outlets covering the winner. “

“Then there’s career specific prizes, the musician gets radio airplay time in 44 countries worldwide! The actors get a meeting with my talent manager who is the best, most amazing, most helpful guy ever. He’s from small town Oklahoma. Mentorship from many different categories. There’s even a Hallmark fan category that requires no talent; they just get a pass. They can be in a Hallmark Channel movie with me and tour the set of Home and Family!” 

Hallmarkies! This is your chance to be featured in a Hallmark movie with Jen Lilley! Who doesn’t love her in Winter’s Love Story, Yes I do, or Mingle All The Way (let’s admit we all started using a dating app after watching this movie to find our Jeff Scanlon)? The best part, proceeds from this contest will benefit Project Orphans. 

For more info be sure to check out the website. Good luck!

Next, Dishin Days asked how homeschooling was going for Martha. 

“Yes, I’m homeschooling which is something no one should ever, ever, ever, allow me to do.”[laughs]

Jen chimes in. 

“Yes! Same.”

Martha nods her head. 

“It’s just not about the teaching, it’s just too much time together is not a good thing. You know it’s not good for any of us. She doesn’t want me teaching her stuff. I don’t know what I’m doing [laughs] but I will say that they’ve done a great job. The teachers at her school are amazing and they’ve done a really, really good job putting her curriculum together. It made it as easy as possible for the parents and it’s not about what we’re teaching. Thank god she’s only in Kindergarten and not in Calculus.” [laughs]  

Thank you teachers! During Covid-19 we all have a big appreciation towards teachers and they do make a big impact in our children’s lives. The Zoom homeschooling can be overwhelming for us parents. 

But what else is overwhelming is trying to keep your restaurant afloat during the pandemic and Martha shares her struggles. Both her and her husband are in the business and don’t know what to expect once the market opens up again.

“It’s that saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” [laughs]. “I’m gonna be a beast when this is over! We were very fortunate and that we have not had our grand opening yet…our entire income has been wiped out so there’s a lot of uncertainty and we’re getting creative.”

As Martha was explaining her plans for their restaurant business her adorable Six year old daughter Charley walks in the room giving Martha a hug and waves to everyone before leaving. 

Martha smiles as she continues.

“The good news is we have a lot of this downtime to think of what maybe the concept needs to change…we’re gonna open up into a different market than what we were planning on.”

That’s true Martha but us Days fans will support your business. Everyone please make sure you are following Martha on social media so you can get updates on when her restaurant will be opening and support it! 

Next Nadia Bjorlin [Chloe Lane] joins Dishin Days wearing a stylish sun hat with a glass of wine in her hand and outside in the backyard watching her kids play. This looks like the ideal way to spend Mother’s Day. 

“You know I love the reveal!” Jen states. 

We do too! Nadia you never looked better! 

Dishin ‘Days wanted to know how Nadia was holding up during quarantine. 

“Doing well all things considering. We’re all healthy which is obviously a blessing at this time but as the other ladies on this vlog can attest to, quarantine with toddlers is not easy. Or babies, Jen has to be doing it with three kids!”

Let’s take a moment and give it up for the moms! We’re impressed that you are holding down the fort in your households plus, setting time aside to be on Dishin ‘Days

Nadia explains that homeschooling has been a challenge in her household. 

“The Zoom school stuff and whatnot. I’m like nope I’m not cut out to be doing this…all teachers need a raise and all caregivers need a raise!”

We agree with you Nadia! Teacher’s don’t get enough credit and we can’t thank the caregivers enough for being on the frontlines during Covid-19. They are the true heroes. 

Dishin Days asked how Nadia was celebrating Mother’s Day. 

 “I got to take a shower.” [laughs]

“Me too, that was my gift!” Jen states. 

Nadia smiles

“My gift was other than a really beautiful card which both of my kids tried to write their names in which basically made me cry. I got to take a shower and wash my hair and now I get to drink wine.” [laughs]

Aww that sounds like a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day. Nadia then pans the camera over to her cute little boy who is wearing an adorable blue sunhat. 

“That’s why I was late because this beautiful monster woke up from his nap.”

Nadia’s husband walks next to their son and waves at the camera. 

“Oh there’s daddy..daddy’s been doing well today!” 

“How old is he now?” Jen asks

“He’s Two in a half and Torin just turned Four on Monday.” Nadia states. 

“Four is supposed to be so much better than Three and someone who needs to teach Kindergarten and stuff. Four is my favorite age.” Jen pauses for a moment, “I might take that back.” [laughs]

Nadia nods her head 

“According to my best friend, the ages around Eight when they can start getting themselves up and making their own breakfast and they leave you alone.” [laughs]

Jen gets up and shows us her cute Nine month year old! 

“I miss onesies those are so cute!” Martha states.

“She literally lived in onesies until just now…I want them to be comfortable.” Jen says.

“I agree I think regular clothing is almost pointless until they’re two.” Nadia adds. 

Before Dishin Days signed off they thanked Martha, Nadia, and Jen for coming on. Fans enjoyed seeing what their lives are like off screen and their cute kids.

“I don’t want to go, this is my social hour!” Martha states before leaving. 

If you haven’t seen this week’s show of Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin Days! Be sure to check it out. It’s one of our favorites so far! 

Link to show: 

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