Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni Struggles with Mental Health While Trying to Help Others

Justin Baldoni of Jane The Virgin generously uses IGLive to help those struggling with mental health. The actor bravely opens up on how doing so may be compromising his own mental health

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Posted On: May 11th, 2020 7:29pm pst

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ABTV Celeb Quarantine Care: Justin Baldoni

The Jane the Virgin actor has been utilizing his Instagram platform to shed light on the struggles of mental health during this quarantine. 

Every night the past few weeks, Baldoni has gone live on Instagram collaborating with extraordinary guests, giving his guidance on many topics, and overall creating an extremely safe place to which people can escape from their stressful new reality. 

“My intention was just to provide hope, because I know how hard it can be when you are suffering and you are going through depression and anxiety and how lonely it can be and I didn’t want anyone to be alone; Create a space for anyone who was suffering that maybe needed some joy, maybe needed some relief,” Baldoni stated in his latest live.

‘Walk the walk’ is the theme of Baldoni’s most recent post, when he presents the fact that he himself has been struggling to keep up with his own mental health. 

“The truth is that I am exhausted.”

Mental exhaustion and putting his own energy at risk is what he is referring to. Between the many different projects he is working on, along with the nightly content he was putting out, he says it has been too much. ‘Hypocritical’ is the way he describes how he has been feeling while putting his own mental state on the backburner. 

“I’m showing up for so many people, but I’m not showing up for myself in the way that I know I should. More than that, I’m not showing up for my family and my kids in the way that I know that I can.”

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Reinforcing the message he gives to people by making his mental health and energy the best it can be is his priority right now.  Baldoni’s Instagram lives will continue to serve their purpose, just not every single night.  Bringing light to others is nothing new for Baldoni. His Instagram has always had a theme of spreading positivity; nonetheless, during this quarantine, he has taken the extra step of doing his part to help us help one another. 

Ending his most recent post with reassurance to viewers of his “nightly lives” that he will continue to be there for them, he sends a positive message for everyone who continues to struggle daily with mental health.

“No matter how dark it gets, no matter how lonely you are, there is always hope.” 

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