Jamie Lynn Spears Logan Allen Share Sweet Magnolias Life Lessons & Gratitude

In the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias, actors Jamie Lynn Spears and Logan Allen reveal what the show means to them, the special bond between the cast, & life lessons they learned.

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias:  Jamie Lynn Spears And Logan Allen 

On the eighth episode of the season, we see some of the most dramatic moments of the show from Noreen and Kyle, and couldn’t wait to sit down with the actors that brought them to life, Jamie Lynn Spears and Logan Allen.  As episode 8 opens we see Noreen’s mounting frustration with Bill and her feelings about being second, third, and fourth place in Bill’s life. 

The character of Noreen has been a complex character with complex relationships.  When asked about what it was like to play Noreen, Jamie Lynn said about showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson, and director Norman Buckley: 

“They took a chance on me and allowed me to play this character, and honestly, they’ve given me the biggest blessing.”

The dynamics between Annie, Kyle and Ty take a dramatic turn with the opening of Kyle’s play and his feelings about Annie.  We’ve seen the issues Kyle has with his older brother, in particular with regards to how he’s treating Annie!

The friendship and bond between Ty, Annie and Kyle has been there from the beginning of the series, and Logan shares how that bond between the actors was made early on.

“…we were like the youngest there, you know, so we bonded pretty quickly…really, really well, and I think the chemistry really shows..we became close.”

And of course, never one to disappoint, Bill continues to have serious lapses in judgement, particularly when at the last minute, he leaves Noreen at the theatre on the night of Kyle’s performance. Disappointing her and Kyle in the process. Jamie Lynn said that was a turning point for her character, Noreen, and that Noreen’s series of decisions and choices, and trying to do what’s best for the baby up to then, really resonated with her.

“I lived a similar path where the whole world was watching me make decisions that probably weren’t the best ones all the time but I was just trying to figure it out and do the best I could.”

Emotions were running high during this episode, and life lessons both on and off the screen were inevitable. As a parent herself Jamie Lynn absolutely could relate to wanting to do what’s best for your child, and seeing Kyle’s feelings of not being seen broke her heart.

“You really need to stay in tune with your children, and check in on them even if they’re doing good..I think this show, hopefully, opens a lot of parents eyes, and a lot of children’s eyes to…speak when you’re hurting so that way you’re not alone, and don’t get to the point where you feel like no one sees you.”

Logan expressed that he has a great relationship with his parents and how watching the show with his parents has only brought them closer.

“…talking about communication, and how serious that is, and how important that is…obviously, I’m a teenager and I’m going through all that right now…I think we all learned a lot of stuff about communication, and it’s definitely helped our relationship, and I’m just really grateful.”  

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