A Death By Their Side – S3 E8 ‘The Sinner’ Recap & Review

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If you’re looking for the perfect companion to the dark drama that is The Sinner, look no more! THE SINNER AFTER SHOW is here to break down all the character dynamics, dark story points, and even create theories week to week based on the episodes. Every week tune in for a new review and discussion on The Sinner and everything that’s revealed. Can we solve this puzzle? Maybe with the help of Special Guests! Make sure to subscribe and rate and comment with your own thoughts and who you would like to see on the show!

Episode Recap

Jamie commits his third murder in this season finale and this time it’s personal-he murders Det. Ambroses’s direct supervisor-Captain Morris.
Inside the deceased Captain Morris’s pocket is another origami fortune teller with the names of the 3 other people who are closest to Det.Ambrose-Sonya, Eli and Melanie. Captain Morris’s name is there too but already crossed out. Harry knows this means that Jamie is going after his family.
Jamie appears in Sonya’s house by sneaking through the back door. Harry alerted Sonya earlier to leave her home as he suspected Jamie would show up to harm her, but she doesn’t heed his advice.
Jamie arrives and tries to attack Sonya but he gets away once Sonya alerts the police.
Jamie flees back to his home with Leela, where he sees her through the back sliding glass door. Leela approaches the glass door and has a final moment with Jamie, seemingly to say goodbye.
Jamie calls Harry from Eli’s phone and tells him to come back to his house alone where he & Eli are.
Jamie, with a gun to Eli’s head, tells Harry to use the origami fortune teller to determine his grandsons fate, Harry refuses and fights to get the gun away from Jamie and gets shot in the side.
Harry manages to get his own gun out of his safe & meets Jamie back in the kitchen. Jamie drops his weapon & Harry shoots Jamie in the stomach.
Jamie, while taking his last breaths, tells Harry that he is scared to die. Harry soothes him & holds his hand until Jamie’s last breath.
Host: Ashley dior Jones @ashleydiorjones, Emily Mae Heller @Emilymaeheler , Nate Harris @Royalnate_

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