Jameela Jamil Fighting For More Body Diversity on Screen

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Jameela Jamil is no stranger to being outspoken on increasing diversity in Hollywood, but now she’s emphasizing the need for more people of varying body types, and trying to pair them up!

Jamil, who stars as Tahani Al-Jamil on NBC’s The Good Place, said it’s way overdue for more equal screen time.

“We just need to stop being so stupid and weird. Like, bigger women are attractive, shorter men are attractive. We can see short men with tall women, we can see men who are slim with bigger women,” said Jamil, adding, “we’re all just horny all the time for absolutely everyone.”

Jamil was talking with Black Hollywood Live’s Drew Jones at San Diego Comic-Con when she called out networks for being shortsighted.

“It’s excluding everyone and you’re just going to lose money. Look at Shrill, look at Black Panther, look at, uh, Bridesmaids, look at Crazy Rich Asians. Every time you include something that actually represents what is out there in the world you make so much money,” said Jamil, “so even if you’re still a bad person, do it just for the cash.”

This isn’t just something Jamil is saying from the outside. She’s experienced it.

“I was in a wheelchair when I was 17 until I was 18, and, and I would never have gotten cast in anything,” revealed Jamil. “I wouldn’t be on the cover of magazines. That’s bullshit because I’m the same person that I was then, with the same face, and the same soul, and the same mind. I deserved all the same success back then that I have now and if I hadn’t been able to be lucky enough to get better, I would never have this privilege and that kills me.”

Though her role on The Good Place is coming to an end with series announcing it will conclude with its fourth season, this fight is nowhere over for Jamil.

“I’m gonna spend the rest of my life just trying to make sure that everyone wakes up,” said Jamil.

Catch the full interview with Jameela Jamil and much more from Comic-Con on Black Hollywood Live’s YouTube!