Jaime Callica Set to Star in BET’s Ruthless

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – February 12th, 2020 11:47am PT

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Jaime will next be seen in Tyler Perry’s highly anticipated new drama for BET called Ruthless and his first Disney Channel Original movie, Upside Down Magic, that will be premiering this summer.

Callica plays an agent in Tyler Perry’s new drama series. Callica explained to AfterBuzz TV what the show is about.

“Ruthless is unlike anything that we’ve seen from Mr. P. from Tyler Perry” Callica shared. “It’s darker. It’s about a guy who calls himself the highest. He’s released from prison and proclaims himself as a second coming of Christ and he has this following that you will learn that is basically this cult following and their trafficking children and drugs.”

Callica explains his character on the show.

“My character’s name is Brian Rollins. Agent Brian Rollins and I get sent in under cover in this small town and you have a bunch of these additional subplots to add to the madness of it and it’s awesome.” Callica commented. “I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Jaimi Callica at AfterBuzz TV

Another big project Callica has lined up for this year is starring in a Disney Original Movies called Upside Down Magic, which is based off of the The New York Times bestselling fantasy fiction children’s book.

“There are four novels and Disney bought the rights to the novels and they were originally going to adapt them to a TV show and then they decided let’s go and make these movies” Callica shared.

Callica explained what it’s like playing his first dad character.

“I play my first young dad in that one and uh my characters name is Augusts, so while I knew that Nory’s mom also had magical powers, I knew that Nory didn’t know so what we see is Nory learning that she has these powers and there’s really like heartwarming moments between them where he is confronting and consoling her,” he said.

Before acting, Callica loved to perform as a dancer but he had to make a career change.

“I was actually in a really bad car accident,” Callica shared. “When I was really small, I did ballet, tap, jazz. Fast forward to my teenage years, then I started taking classes, hip-hop, jazz, street jazz. Um, then I was hit by a drunk driver and almost got killed and that is what really derailed the dancing at that time. It took about a year and a half before I got back to full close to full health and in that time I quite literally lost a step I wasn’t able to see the choreography picking up as quickly.”

After putting his dancing shoes away Callica decided to follow a new path and pursue a career in acting without having any experience.

“I didn’t act a day in my life until the day I woke up and said I wanted to be an actor,” said Callica.

Jaime has only been acting for three years and already accomplished a lot. Be sure to check him out on BET and the Disney Channel.

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