Jade Catta-Preta talks The Soup, Real Housewives, and Bobby Lee

Written by: Ronnie Jr. – February 28th 2020, 7:15am pst

Jade Catta-Preta of E!’s The Soup stopped by AfterBuzz TV to chat with Ronnie Jr about all things Pop Culture, Stand-Up Comedy, & Much More! Jade who’s been working as a Comic for thirteen years has been announced as host of E!’s premiere clip show, a show that comes from an impressive list of comedic predecessors including Joel McHale.

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Speaking on pop culture topics such as Bravo TV’s, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jade reflects on her opinion of reality star, Teresa Giudice, “I just love seeing her triumph over all the bullshit that she’s been through, and all the turmoil, how public it’s all been, she just rides it to the top so ya know it’s cool.” Catta-Preta who recently met Giudice while guesting on Watch What Happens Live goes onto to say, “She deserves a little nookie after everything that’s happened, ya know.”

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While discussing several aspects of Jade’s younger days as a comic, she also recalls Bobby Lee as one of the first people to truly believe in her, “He’s a genius, like I’ve learned so much of like who I want to be as a headliner, from him, just like how he approaches people and like ya know, he uh, yeah, god I just love him I get ya know a little emotional when I think about it.”

In addition to her growth as performer she recalls some of her darker times after a 8 Year break-up in which she felt that it was imperative to return to her birth location of Brazil to film a series of Docu-Style Stand-Up Comedy & BTS moments. While re assessing her life as a newly single woman, she booked the trip on a credit card and hired a solo camera operator understanding that while known typically as the funny, goofy, & quirky comedian, she knew that this was a time of growth and that diving into this unknown territory of personal wellness was going to be a momentum builder for the next chapter of her life. She plans to release the content as mini documentary once all the logistics are taken care of.

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As a multi-facetted talent, Jade Catta-Preta continues to use every day as a source of creativity and humor. Support her new project, ‘The Soup,’ Wednesdays at 10pm.

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